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This is a discussion on Rocks from a creek within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> I had exactly your problem, empty wallet and a new tank, so i did what you did and got some rocks from a stream ...

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Old 06-07-2007, 06:10 AM   #11
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I had exactly your problem, empty wallet and a new tank, so i did what you did and got some rocks from a stream the mountains near me. I simply scrubbed them in very hot water with a stiff scrubbing brush till all the green gunk was off them then put them in. I knew what sort of rock they were (slate) so i was able to ask about chemisty issues. so far the tank has been running for about 2 months any nary a fish has carked it.
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Originally Posted by Mr.Todd
...Try searching for a very good article by Bob Wyllie called "Suitability of Rocks in the Aquarium"

Very Interesting Article...Thanks
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hey just another creative idea...If you are going to silicone rocks together, you can actually buy plastic plants and silicone them to the rocks as well. I had cichlids that used to dig up my plastic plants all the time so I took off the plastic anchor base of the plants and siliconed the plants to rocks and ornaments. It turned out really well. Just make sure the silicone can sit for about 48 hours before putting it back in the tank. About your earlier salt question, table salt is no good but kosher salt works fine. I've worked at larger retail stores and we used 40lb bags of water softer/solar salt in our large fish systems. Costs like $4-7 a bag
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good point on the curing time, also use 100% silicone.
mike c.
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yeah definitely. I'm pretty sure you can get an ok silicone at your local hardware store but if you aren't sure then go to a pet store and buy a tank repair kit (usually it's just a bottle of aquarium-grade silicone).
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