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Which RO device, or will a regular PUR/Brita filter suffice?

The PH of my tap water (Tampa FL), is close to 8.
Bottled water from the store is 6.4.

We have a 1 gallon capacity PUR active carbon filter the house uses for drinking water that removes
minerals now but it doesn't effect the tap PH. Plus it takes forever to filter.

Can you recommend a good product for this issue?
RO machines are a bit pricey, but if it's what I have do for healthy fishies I'll cough up the dough. lol
Oh and I can't seem to find peat moss anywhere. :(
I read high PH makes ammonia more toxic.

The Danios are doing well & enjoying their new grass plant, the ammonia is sadly still .5 according
to the Seachem Ammonia Alert stick on & API test kit...even w/ AmQuel & 30-50% water changes daily.
Does AmQuel mess with PH readings??

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I think the best solution will be to just stick with fishes that can handle your pH, I have a pH of just above 8 and have platys, guppies, gouramis, and emerald catfish in my tanks and they all seem to be doing well. I was in your position with wanting to get my pH down too but decided every time I did a water change it would just be too much work.

With activate carbon your PUR filter will really not do much for your water besides remove some trace elements, as for peat Drs carries it but have never used it so cant help you much there. An RO/DI setup would be the ultimate solution but like you said its a bit pricey, unless you plan on getting into saltwater it probably wont be worth the investment.

Once you are past your cycle period ammonia should not be an issue, but as I recall from reading here high pH doesn't make ammonia more toxic, its just with a pH below 7(?) the ammonia coverts to ammonium which is a bit less harmful to fish.

No clue on the AmQuel but my best guess is it wouldn't effect your pH readings.
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Thank you Zof for that link! That is exactly what I wanted to try.

Yea saltwater is a bit out of my patience/budget range, lol I'll stick with working
with the PH I have in freshwater! :)
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