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Rinsing new gravel, possible mistake?

Hey everyone, so I just got a new tank (my third or 4th tank so far), and was rinsing out some new gravel yesterday but I realized that I might have made an error. When I rinsed the gravel, I stupidly grabbed a bucket from my garage and not my "official" bucket that I have only used for aquarium needs. I'm almost positive that I have used this bucket in the past transporting fish without problems, and I'm almost sure that this bucket hasn't been used with any chemicals but I'm not positive. I did rinse out the bucket thoroughly before putting the new gravel in it.

So my question is, could I have screwed up the gravel and made it unsafe? IF there's a chance that this bucket has had soap or anything in it in the past, it would have been a long time ago maybe a year ago. But would this be a problem? Please let me know, I'm so mad at myself right now for not using my aquarium bucket, and I don't want to hurt any of my fish when I put them into this new tank. Thanks for the help
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Well I would for sure re-rinse your gravel in a bucket you know is safe. Really it depends on what you might have had in the bucket. If it was just soap, re-rinsing should be fine. If it was something like paint thinner, you might want to just get new gravel, or find some method of cleaning it rather than rinsing.

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put about 1-2 cups of bleach in with your gravel .. rinse it like crazy.. then add water and 2-3x the normal amount of dechlorinater and rinse again.. then let it sit out to dry until any bleach smell is gone... you should be fine but why risk it ?

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Thank you for the suggestions. I agree I don't want to even risk it, especially right now since there's no fish in it and they don't need to be put in it.

Well I just found out that the last thing the bucket was used for was for cleaning a car, so it had car soap in it. So I guess I'm just going to re rinse all the gravel, and I still have some left over new gravel so I'll replace about half of the gravel with new gravel.

Do you guys think everything will be alright? The filter has been running and everything has been set up, so will just rinsing out the gravel again be enough and everything should be fine? Thanks again for the help.
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my designated "fish bucket" is actually an old bulk laundry soap bucket that I rinsed thoroughly, so it is definitely possible to rinse all the soap out and not have a problem. Just make sure you are rinsing very well with a high water to gravel ratio to make sure you get into the nooks and crannies.
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