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Originally Posted by GwenInNM View Post

Thanks for that - helpful. I had noticed a very small amount of film, and couldn't figure out why I had that, because I wash my hands carefully before I put them in the tank. I did my wc yesterday, and moved it to the surface, before I saw your post, but now I'm glad I did.

So, because I see the same thing (film on surface) in my other, smaller tank, I'm wondering how to create more surface movement in that tank. I have a HOB Aquaclear in that one. I could put in air stone in, but really don't want to. Is it "bad" to not have enough surface movement?? I have 2 German Rams and 8 Cardinals in this smaller tank, and want to make sure they all stay healthy.

The way AC's return water, I'm surprised that you don't have plenty of surface flow - I use bottle baffles to cut mine back! Try reducing your water level slightly to create a water fall - ?

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Originally Posted by patadams66 View Post
exactly why would they be respirating fast? not to get off track, just something i have never looked for.
Stream fish are designed for a certain water flow. In my 115g tank, which is where this occurred, I have a number of different cory species; some occur in moderate-flow streams, some in quieter streams. They take up residence in the tank accordingly, those from faster streams "hang out" at the end with the filter flow strongest, and the others opposite. The rate of respiration is geared accordingly, by which I mean that for either species "normal" respiration will occur when they are in the flow they expect.

This is probably tied to the oxygen, as Gwen mentioned. But as in such a heavily planted tank [and back then, it was much more heavily planted than it is now] during the day there would be no shortage of oxygen. So the water flow must also enter into the equation.

This is all part of my frequent suggestion to regularly spend time just sitting quietly in front of the aquarium, for an hour or two, and observe how different fish behave and interact. You soon learn to recognize "normal" so when something does occur, it is much easier to spot.


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Originally Posted by AbbeysDad View Post
The way AC's return water, I'm surprised that you don't have plenty of surface flow - I use bottle baffles to cut mine back! Try reducing your water level slightly to create a water fall - ?

So, here's the changes I made. I have a small Marineland filter, with the bio-wheel. I added that in addition to my Aquaclear 30. I turned down the Aquaclear so it's on the lowest setting, and the Marineland really adds water movement. No more film! I had no idea what that was. I could probably do without the Aquaclear, but I'll keep them both for now. Even with a bit of a spash, from the AC, the water goes right down, and the other filter, drops the water a bit "out" more, so it's seems all good. The fish seem happy, and not bothered by the added movement.


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Lightbulb hope this helps!

The only thing in the Fluval filter that you always have to clean with tank water or clean water with water conditioner is the Biomax (the white or tannish round things). This is because they collect the beneficial bacteria. You also want to keep them wet while you clean out the filter because if they dry out, it will kill off the good bacteria. You can also rinse the sponges off in non-chlorinated water if you want to because they are meant for mechanical filtration so you can also rinse them off in tap wter but they do have beneficial bacteria that sticks in them. Again, if you are trying to keep the beneficial bacteria, keep them wet at all times.
Another problem that can occur is if you wait too long to clean out your canister, there will be all sorts of gunk in the hoses and you will have to take them off and thoroughly clean them, and I mean thoroughly. That stuff gets stuck in there pretty well.
I really hope that this information helps!
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Ooops, my bad. I was writing about changes in my other tank, when I talked about the AC, and forgot this post was originally about the tank with the fluval. So, ignore that comment I made about adding the biowheel.

But, both tanks that had that film on top, don't anymore because of changes I made. Thanks for all the input.

I thought perhaps that film was hand lotion or something, even though I was my hands before sticking them in the water.


Just because animals can't talk, does not mean they should not be heard
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