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Rethinking/ Reorganizing

Hello all. Thanks for all the advice in my last post here. I thought about it much today and made some decissions. It was mentioned that my bottom feeders either needed more company and or might compete with each other. I had the opportunity to give a good friend several fish today. I gave away 3 raphael cats, and my yoyo loach.

This cleared up my 20 so i moved my 7 neons, khuli loach and dwarf gourami into it. So now i should have room for an additional 2 or 3 khulis if i ever see them. this also lightened the bottom feeder load of my 55. i picked up an additional peppered cory and a few more black tetras. The 55 now houses 1 farowella, 1 clown pleco, 2 ottos, 3 peppered cory, 8 bronze cory, 4 black tetras, 1 dojo loach (whom i will never give up) and a couple ghost shrimp as snacks.

Does this seem like a more balanced load to everyone? my goal was that unless someone dies both tanks will be able to house their occupants for a long time to come.

I would also like to thank those of you who brought up competition for food on the tank bottom. I always had space, waste and compatability in mind, but i never really thought of someone being out competed for food. Especially the khuli who is very timid. Now he will be the only bottom feeder in the new tank. I will miss the yoyo but i just wasnt prepared to start a new large tank to keep several of them in at this time, and a friend had plenty of space and no bottom feeders to compete with him.

I have to say that i must loose a small fortune each year in fish that are doa in the store or that i give to people. Then again i have taken in more then my share of fish for people needing space, moving ect.
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Sounds like you did a great job. In my opinion, I would add 4 more black skirt tetras.:) Try concentrating on your mid level area. Cardinals or neons will look great in your tank. Hatchetfish or glass bloodfins for surface level.

Good luck.:)

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