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Restarting my 5 gallon... What to clean with?

I have a five gallon Edge that I just drained and left with the gravel in it while I was on vacation. There is some mold in the bottom of it around the gravel on the edges. I will have to re-cycle the tank (duh.) but what would the best thing be to clean it with? White vinegar? Or just fill er up and cycle it and worry about it later?
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There would be no point in cycling it only to have to drain it and scrub the mold off later. Also, I don't know how the mold will affect future fish if not cleaned out... probably not for the good. Vinegar and water works well. If you use bleach and water, rinse it out exceptionally well... then rinse and rinse some more.
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If I were you, I'd use vinegar and also scrub it gently with a new soft bristle tooth brush.
Then, I'd use hot water and rinse it out very well, and probably even scrub it more.

If it doesn't come off, I'd probably just get a new tank. I deffinetly wouldn't leave it in there. Mold has been known to kill aquatics.

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Thanks guys! I'll scrub it out with vinegar.
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Just make sure your tank is completly dried out before you fill it with water again.
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If it does prove difficult, use a bleach solution. about 1:9 bleach to water. Soak for 10 minutes, then rinse a billion times until you can't smell beach anymore. Then let it air dry. Then I usually rinse and dry it again.

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Why would you let the aquarium dry? There's no need. Just clean well, rinse well and use conditioner when refilling.

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Bleach is pretty good at cleaning, but if you really want to kill anything growing in it then dry it in the sun. Dry surfaces and UV from the sun are excellent sterilizers.
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If it is not coming off with a little vinegar, simply soak a piece of paper towel in it and leave it overnight sat on the area that is harder to remove.

A light scraping with a razor blade or just some "elbow grease" will 99,9% of the time remove it.

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It's all cleaned up and the tank is cycling. Now to decide what to put in it....
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