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rescued this 30 gal tank advice needed (video)

Picked this tank up yesterday, the owner did not want it anymore so i took it off his hands, I could tell he did not take care of the tank, water was dirty, stinky, the oversized driftwood has black fuzzy moss growing all over it.

anyhow when i got home first thing i did was a water change, that cleared up the water and it stinks a lot less. tomorrow i will vaccum the gravel pretty good to get some of the left over waste out. I have questions about this tank and how to make it better.

Here is a video i just uploaded. as you can see it needs help. I plan on taking out that huge driftwood that takes up all the space, the owner said he added it because the substrate he has is crushed coral and it raised his ph higher than normal so he added a piece of driftwood to the tank.

first question out of many, the substrate, i plan on adding more plants. i was thinking about leaving some of the original substrate and then adding either fluval or eco complete for a better planted tank. is this ok? i was pondering about making a path with this substrate and surrounding it with black (eco or fluval) substrate.

On the sump, the floss looks like it has NEVER been changed at all, looks like its been in there for years, can i take it out? add new floss? what type of other stuff can i add to make this filtration more efficient? it does have a sock full of ceramic rings at the bottom, i plan on leaving those in

The aeration, he did have a small two output air pump hooked to small air stones that were tossed into the sump. do i need this? as you can see there are two spots where it creates a water fall effect, on one the overflow box and the sump. if you guys say its needed or recommended ill plug it back in.

The fish seem to all hide behind that big ass driftwood, they are scared to show themselves during the day. there is a spotted pleco at the bottom of that drifwood. ill probably make out another video of the fish, there seems to be a total of 11 fish in this tank. any advice welcomed
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Those tiger barbs are pretty big. I am not sure that the current substrate looks sufficient for plants. You might want to get that plan in motion sooner rather than later. I use Flourite by Seachem. I like it. If you don't already have one I would get yourself a Freshwater Master Test Kit and make sure your levels are good. If the tank was as dirty as I pictured I can't imagine what you might have do to clean the media from the filter. My worry is that you might have a mini cycle. The test kit is kind of a necessity anyway.

Hope it all works out for you.
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i did a water test today, lucky for me this is my second tank. ph 7.9 amonia 0 nitrites 0 nitrates about 20ppm.

i took out that old filter floss from the sump, it was alll bad, pieces broke apart. anyhow there is a nylon sock full of ceramic rings, i replaced the old stuff with new filter floss and a spong on top. also added a bag of purigen inbetween the new filter media.

im gonna need about 3 bags of new substrate to replace whats in there right now.
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