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Your catfish looks like a Synodontis eupterus to me. Should be compatible with your piranha in terms of water parameters. I might suggest adding some more caves for him to hide in. The more secure he feels, the more likely he'll be to spend time outside of his hiding spaces. These synos are a pretty outgoing species so it'd be nice to see a little more of him.

If you're going to feed live feeder fish to the piranha, I strongly encourage you to set up a second tank and breed livebearers yourself. There are all sorts of health issues associated with using store-bought feeders. For one thing, they live in horrible conditions and are thus often ridden with disease that can pass on to your fish. Secondly, goldfish and rosy reds have serrated spines that can cause internal damage to your fish. Finally, because goldies and rosy reds are coldwater fish, they're not appropriate to feed to a tropical species for nutritional reasons. Breeding your own livebearers addresses these problems, plus that way you get to have a second fish tank (and who doesn't want more fish?).

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Yep I agree looks like a featherfin syno to me :) beutiful fish you have and those are my fave syno's too ! They are also sometimes called squeaker catfish...I guess because they may squeak

Little bit of info if your interested from a website I like to use :

The Feather Fin Catfish is a fish for long time aquarists. It is a fun fish to have, but difficult to care for. It gets its name from the wonderful dorsal fin, which rays out, much like a fan. While not always true, the Feather Fin Catfish can require a lot of work to maintain. Feather Fin Catfish, also known as Cat Synodontis Eupterus, Featherfin Synodontis, and Featherfin Squeaker, in general, will not like to share a tank with other fish. They have been known to be very territorial, especially when breeding. There are fish that they might be able to coexist with, however. These include large African Cichlids, as they are equally aggressive. Also, they will sometimes get along with other catfish. Feather Fin Catfish get large, so keep them in large tanks. Also, they like lots of rocks and caves to hide in, as well as moderate plant decoration. Feather Fin Catfish like live plants, and will not bother them. At maturity, the Feather Fin Catfish will grow to a size from five to eight inches. Also, these fish have long life spans. There have been reports of these fish living for 18 years. Young Feather Fin Catfish will have a brown marble with black stripes pattern, while adults will develop into a dull gray color with brown spots. As mentioned before, the Feather Fin Catfish has a beautiful dorsal fin, which rays out, much like a fan.
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really good info.the only thing is my catfish is a light gray with black spots.i dunno if the squeker catfish only has brown spots or can come in black also.but as described it does have a very nice top fanned fin and he really stays up vertical along side the rena heater i have all day until feeding or at night i think he scavanges.

when i feed he def swims through really the only cave i have lol but i was actually planning on adding another nice piece of my big pile of drift pieces i have waiting in the wings.I wanted to get the ph back up to a healthy spot so i took out most of my driftwood and have been adding a piece here and there over time.

its pretty lucky i got that breed of catfish to live with my piranaha..seems like its the right breed for the tank..

as for a feeder tank what exactly are livebearers??i was planning on just setting up a rosie red tank but didnt know their spines could hurt the insides of the piranaha.
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I believe the live bearers are guppies, platies and swordtails for reference,

I have 4 platies and 3 guppies and love them all so be careful you might get them then love them, I'm sure though once you had 100 the love would probably fade :-\
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i would love a feeder tank full of guppies.maybe when i get some extra cash i ll put a 10 gal feeder tank together

can anyone suggest good hardy plants that will live in a ph range of 6-7.
i also need a pretty durable strain of plant for the piranha.
i always liked the amazon sword but the piranaha would just bite the leaves off or it would never root.
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Guppies would probably be your best bet, everyone says they are basically the rabbits of the underwater world no clue how editable they are, will let iamntbatman answer that one.

Found a list of livebearers, mainly scientific names though;

As for your plants no clue, but you might want to look into investing into a plastics company :) I'm sure someone will pop along and help
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As for the planrts probably Java fern ? Im not plant expert but Ive heard they are very hardy in all water conditions and will grow even in low light. A nice undemanding plant that looks pretty too.
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