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Your clowns will love being in a planted tank. I keep my "herd" in a planted tank. Maybe you could keep at least five. They do best and are happiest in a group.

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i do a 10% WC everyday to all my tanks, just 10% and i replace them with aged water. is ithis ok? same temp also. because somebody told me that it is good to have little wc everyday to make my fishes happy. the result was fine, i saw my fishes grew fast. but then again i like the opinions from you guys. im also practicing myself not to be lazy in wc, because im planning to buy a 100 gallon tank and keep some discus. thank you for the nice comments and suggestions.
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i think a daily water change is too much unless you have ammonia, nitrite or high nitrate levels your trying to get down. if your tank is already cycled i would do a 10-20% water volume change weekly alternating vac-ing in different spots of the tank each time.
aged water wont get rid of chlorimes, which is chlorine fused with ammonia. your going to need a dechlorinator for that.
discus require some pristine water, good luck!
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Originally Posted by Tyyrlym View Post
Interesting set up, how do you balance the flow between the compartments?

I'd really recommend getting rid of both the chemical pads. A properly developed biofilter will handle the ammonia with far more aplomb and dependability than the pad. Also, your fish will be fine with some nitrate in the water. The better was to control nitrates is with water changes. Even with a system that removed 100% of the nitrates you'll still want to do water changes to replenish trace minerals.
the powerhead sucks water from my tank, then to my filter boxes through rainbars, the boxes has small/big holes underneath each trays.i just bought that kind of trickle type of filter because it is now popular here. it has a "mr.aqua" brand from taiwan/japan i dont remember sorry.

i'll be removing my pads as you mentioned and replace it with more ceramic rings and bioballs. BTW the sack that you can see in on trays are zeolites and zerocolor. thank you
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the procedure of my aged water is, i put them into my big drum, i also put airpump/airstone in it to make it moving because i dont want mosquitos to lay eggs in there, and to stir a little for my stresscoat. and viola! i can use that for the week!

i'll reduce my WC now make it 2 times a week only. but i always siphon the poops because it can be seen easily by the viewer because my sand is super white. im so glad that my fishes only poops infront and not in the rocks. for me to easily clean them.

my question is when will i go for general cleaning? like 100% wc and decoratiion cleaning?
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never. never a 100% drain and clean until you take the tank down. a 100% cleaning will cause your tank to endure a cycle all over again, which you dont want to do not to mention just the removal of fish and adding them back in is stressful as it is. a weekly water change will be more then enough, 2x weekly in small amounts will be fine as well, never a 100% cleaning. if you wish, every few months you can remove decorations and scrub them clean - keep in mind that these also harbor benifitial bacteria so i would only do 1 or 2 decorations every few months if you really wish to clean them to prevent having a mini cycle.
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okay, thank you very much for the answer, this is just what i needed! thank you very much!
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The tanks look great now. That is one monstrous filter you've got there. The African tank looks great after the change.

What are the dimensions of that 100g tank you linked to that you plan on putting the loaches in? It seems very long and low, which would make it a perfect loach species tank.

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