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Red Maple safe for fish?

first off id like to say hello, my name is Tyrus and im glad to be a part of the forum. my questions is if red maple is safe for aquarium use? instead of going out and buying bogwood or driftwood I found some red maple in the woods, took off all the bark and am currently soaking it in hot water after a few days im planning on baking it and then repeating this process 2-3 times, but before I get to serious I am wondering if this wood is safe for my fish. I have about $100 or more worth of fish in my aquarium and don't want them to die due to the wood.
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From my research, Maple seems to be non-toxic just remember you have to let the piece dry and do not use it if the tree has been around pesticides/insecticides ever! Boil the wood if you can to remove any unwanted bugs and parasites.

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Okay thanks! And I've boiled the smaller pieces, the larger pieces I'm soaking in very very hot water for a couple days, the tree was near my driveway never had pesticides sprayed on it, the pieces I have released tannins for te first day but after emptying the container and filling it again I didt notice any, I'm going to bake them today and soak again I'm a little cautious tho because I don't want to kill the fish lol
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Be careful baking them... Heated wood chars.
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ive got it on 250 for 15-20 minutes to really dry the wood out, not anything hot enough to ignite or anything lol
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I said anything one to many times there haha
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