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red cedar driftwood

This is a discussion on red cedar driftwood within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Never heard of it but most hardwoods are fine if you find them dead in the woods and properly boil and soak them. Poplar, ...

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Never heard of it but most hardwoods are fine if you find them dead in the woods and properly boil and soak them. Poplar, beech, and oak to name a few but if you want to be safe go to any local pet store and you will find African mopani wood, its very common and pretty universally used in aquariums because of its density being very high - heavy sinking wood

Here is a good read

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Mopani has a higher chance of moulding than Malaysian.
We've had quite a few members having trouble with Mopani lately.
I get my Malaysian driftwood at petsmart, right with the fish decor. It's pretty well priced compared to some driftwood, but it's chunky.
If you want something branchy looking, manzanita works pretty well, depending on your location though you may not be able to find it.
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The initial question on cedar has been answered, but I just came upon this thread and would like to offer some comments on cedar.

All conifers (cedar, pine, spruce, etc) are soft woods and contain toxic substances that will leech into the water. Beig soft they also rot much quicker than hard woods. These soft woods should never be used in aquaria.

Hard woods like oak, popular, and others are safer. Of course, all wood collected outside carries the risk of introducing pathogens, insect larvae, parasites, toxins that have seeped into the wood (oil, pesticides, fertilizers,...).
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