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Recovery tank


I am new to the forums. So Hi everyone. I was hoping someone could help me through a process of making a recovery tank for stressed or sick fish. I just put it together tonight. I have a filter, air pump and air stone going. I need to get a heater yet. but for the tank should I or should I not of put a substrate in? I have spare gravel to do this, I just was wondering if it was the right thing to do. Also I took the filter inserts out of my one tank that have been in for a week and put them into this filter for the recovery tank to help it cycle quicker. Also if someone could help me with the cycle process would be great. I have read what info there is here on the forums and it is very helpful. But I don't want to introduce fish to the tank until it is just right.

Thanks everyone in advance,
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I'm curious to hear from others on this subject as I just bought a 5g tank that I plan to use as a recovery/quarantine tank. I'm also questioning to put substrate into it.
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I only use a small amount of substrate in my qt tank. often find myself doing complete tear downs to remove unwanted medication or possibility of spreading disease to the next poor hospital fish. I think very little or no substate in is the best way to go. Makes clean up alot faster.
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I'd go with no substrate (that's what I have). I like it because I can see the color of the poops in case of internal infections, and it is really hard to sterilize gravel. I just use a turkey baster to pick up uneaten food and poop daily.

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thanks for your input Twistersmom and Kim, I will go with no substrate then.
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