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Recommended lights for planted tank

Hi all

I have decided to set up my spare 29 gallon tank as the quarantine tank for new arrivals. I will also put my extra plants in there so it's beautiful as well as functional. Right now I have 4x 6500 Odyssea lights on my main tank. What would you experienced planters recommend for the 2nd (or to replace the lights on the main tank)?

Thanks for your help!
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In a quick google search, that looks like a 4 tube T5HO fixture?

If so ... I'm afraid all that will get you is an algae farm :D

T5HO fixtures are for marine tanks.

A single T8, 6500K will work fine for most low and some moderate light plants. Dual T8 would probably move you into high light, and might push you into needing CO2 injection.
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Oh, boo! I have totally had algae problems with the T5HO... I will put that on my smaller back-up tank and get a replacement for the main tank. Are there brands or sellers you recommend/do not recommend?
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what size is your main tank?
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Also, I have an extra set of bulbs. I think they're 2x 10,000 and 2 x... I don't remember... They came in a pack with the fixture originally...

The main tank is 40 gallons and the new one is 29 gallons. They are both the same width and length but the 40 gallon is a tall show tank.
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Sounds like the current fixture is intended for marine tanks, if so the other bulbs are probably actinic or 420 nm or similar.
Tthe problem with what you have is not color or spectrum, but as geo suggested, the amount of light.
One T5HO tube would be good if the 40 gal is tall, as it seems to be, the problem is that no one makes a single tube T5HO at 30". Most 30" T8 fixtures have 24" bulbs, and as mentioned, this is plenty of light over a standard 29 gal for a lot of plants and would probably be OK on the 40, but you could probably use a dual 24" T8 on the 40 gal as well and stay low tech, natural - just may have to limit the photoperiod a bit.
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