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Reccomend an aquarium kit <10 gallons


I am looking for a small aquarium kit preferably between 5 and 10 gallons. I will be moving multiple times over the next 2 years for a couple of months at a time, as I am going to be on clinical rotations. I would like an acrylic tank as I have read they are stronger, and am looking to get one that I can house a school of (6-10) tetra in. Can anyone inform me of a good kit that they have had for over a year without any problems?

I have had a 2.5 gallon eclipse in the past, and had a little trouble with condensation building up in the hood, only to have it drip down the cords out the back and onto the floor. I saw a "bookcase aquarium" at petco, at 6.6 gallons that seemed perfect, but is kinda sketchy because it is a no name from another country (aquatic gardens I beleive) and the filter is not a name brand. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Also, my budget is about 50 dollars, which also puts the eclipse system 6 in range...
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Walmart has a 10 gallon kit complete with filter hood and water treatment for a little under $40 bucks. That would be your best bet because while a fish store is great for getting fish they tend to be a little higher in the tank and accessories. I also believe the brand to be Aqua Culture made in US.
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Above is correct. I think its around $35 american, however the kit doesnt include a heater which you will need for most fish.

Vancouver, B.C. Canada
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6-10 tetras hmmm hope they are small tetras and i mean very small.
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Just an fyi, I bought one of the 5 gal kits from walmart, and it turns out that the "Aqua-Clear" filters are made by Marineland. May be common knowledge, but it was a surprise to me, so I thought I'd mention it.
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the 6 gallon eclipse tanks are pretty nice.

YouTube - Eclipse 6 Gallon Fish Tank
This tank is obviously overcrowded, but if you just put 6 neons (which are pretty small but defidently one of the coolest looking tetras) in the tank then itd be just fine.

Neon Tetra:
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I have the 5 gallon kit from Walmart for one of my bettas I have had it for a few months and so far have been really pleased with it. The oply thing I did change was the light bulb that came with it was incadesent and I switched it for a flouresent light they also sell at Walmart for about $6.00, the same light bulb at Petsmart is about $13.00. I got a heater for it from there also I think it was around $20.00.

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