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I had trouble with my guppies dying in my 35-litre (about 9 US gallons) tank so I got some (4) black neon tetras instead. I've got them with some (4) panda cories and the last remaining guppy. The tetras seem to hang out up top and the pandas are down the bottom, so it looks like it works well.
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Just wanted to mention, Lime INCREASES Ph. Not decreases it. :)
Limestone isn't horrible though, just make sure to check the Ph one last time before you buy fishies. Rasboras, tetras, etc greatly prefer acidic water... BUT
If the water's basic, you could have an absolutely AWESOME setup with Celestial Pearl Danios perhaps a few other microdevario or small danio species that like the water...

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^^ genius

Soil Substrates Guide:
Part 1
--------- Part 2

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Having a 1600 SF home is a not that bad of a space but when you put a huge tank in a smaller space it can make the space seem smaller. Just like large scale furniture in a small place makes the place look smaller.I know that sometimes you can use a tank as a divider between spaces. The filter might be a issue unless you can put it on the side of the tank. This way you can see thu both sides between spaces.I have a 3,500SF home that we bought on a forecloser. It is really big. We are going to sale it some time soon and down size to a smaller place. I have a 55 gal. tank and I plan on selling it and getting a smaller one sized for a a smaller condo, or townhouse. I have a 20 gal, 6 gal, 10 gal, 3 gal used for a QT tank. I may get rid of the tiny tanks and just keep 2 tanks + a QT tank . Did you ever think of getting a 35 gal or a 30 gal? They are still big enough for most larger fish like angel fish. I plan on keeping only the fish that I really like and rehome the rest on craigslist. Maybe shop for a smaller tank on craigslist and sale the big 55 gal. tank.

You can also maybe just keep some smaller tanks on a 2 tank shelf that they have.

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LOL I've written about ten different responses. I haven't worked in weeks and it's chaos. I'm about to be the bad guy and commandeer my office back from my son. The contents of my office are strewn about the house in any spot they'll fit and it's wreaking havoc on my OCD. I'm seriously ready to start covering all these damnedable doors.

Anyhow, the tank has cleared, the swords I put in there are looking good. Not better, but they're not dead, so I'm taking that as a plus. the PH hasn't moved from 7.6 since yesterday. I am ordering, yet another liquid test kit. I was told by my LFS that my problem with API test kits seems to be regional cause I'm his fifth customer to have the same problem (nitrite test and ammonia test returning unrecognizable readings), meanwhile he's not heard about it anyplace else. I've gone through three test kits all with the same result. I had the water tested for everything I can think of with no cause. No heavy metal, copper, mercury, salt, sediment, nothing. We're both guessing it may be a result of our little area using desalinated water supplier, but it seems unlikely.

Is it wrong to hope an airplane crashes into my house and we get a million dollar settlement and we get to move anywhere we want? LOL

"Good schools do not make one educated. The ability and desire to learn makes one educated."

"Knowledge does not make a person smart. Utilizing that knowledge makes them smart."
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Originally Posted by TexasTanker View Post
This morning I devoted a few minutes to investigating the bag. I love vinegar. Anyhow I was able to extrapolate the name on the bag. Agua Quartz. From that I did some googling and found that it is pool filter sand. So, I should be good. I'm running it for a while with just plants and a couple stray pond snails looking for any reactions.

I tested the PH this morning and it was a balmy 7.6. Had there been lime I would have seen a drop in PH.

I'm going to keep monitoring it. I'm in no rush.

To my knowledge, lime or limestone based rock will raise the pH in the aquarium by increasing alkalinity rather than lower the pH.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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