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Re-using Siphoned Water

Hi experts, i recently purchased a new small (15 litre) tank that I would like use as a quarantine for two new Guppies that I'm on buying before I put them with my Neon Tetras in my larger (56 litre) tank. I'm planning on doing a 25% water change and want to know if I could use that used water in the small tank. I will have a filter running in the small tank, I'd like your opinion whether I should do it or start from scratch.
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Originally Posted by Tess2013 View Post
want to know if I could use that used water in the small tank.
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Personally I'm a little unsure exactly what your asking here. Use the water from the small tank for what exact?

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Sorry, I'd like to syphone water from my established tank to put in my small tank to use as a holding tank. Is this a good idea?
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I'd say no. The reason you are changing the water out of the first tank is likely to take out nitrates and replenish certain minerals so I would start afresh with the water.
However I am somewhat unsure about how this relates to using bottled water as I use tap.
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There is no advantage in using the water from the main tank, you are still starting from scratch with regards to the cycling issue. Are you planning on plantless and a full cycling? If only for these guppies that seems like a lot of work. I'd suggest plants (floating or stems would be best) as they will absorb the ammonia without going through the whole weeks of cycling. Add water, add plants, wait a week and add fish. The only issue is adding enough plants to meet the fish ammonia production, not a defined science but 1 decent sized plant for each gallon (4 litres) would be a good start.


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As mentioned, there is no advantage in using 'used' water from another aquarium to start a new one - use fresh water. You might borrow filter material and/or substrate to cycle a new tank more quickly. Better still, use a fair amount of floating plants in the new quarantine tank to handle the ammonia that will be generated when new fish are added.

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Just the advice I needed thanks guys..:)
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