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This is a discussion on Rant about starter within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> This guy comes in the store today and wanted to add fish. How old is the tank; one day. How big; ten gallons. No ...

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Old 01-30-2014, 11:52 PM   #1
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Angry Rant about starter

This guy comes in the store today and wanted to add fish. How old is the tank; one day. How big; ten gallons. No problem, lets get some hardy fish I said. He said "no i already got some". I asked when he said he got the tank from walmart and bought them at the store, five fish. Ok a bit sketchy...what fish? He shows me pictures. First fish, black moor. uhhh too small of tank, but thats the tip of the iceberg. Next fish, tiger barb. Tropical plus cold water=bad idea. Plus the nippiest fish, the tiger barb. Next, pictus catfish....What. Needs much bigger and will eat small fish. Ughh moving on. Pleco. Beginner choice, not many people know they get huge, understandable. Finally, a black skirt tetra. A GREAT CHOICE, NOW KINDLY REMOVE THE REST. I told him all this, and he said oh well. "What else can i get". Seriously man? Ok lets see, after all the customer is always right. He asks about the black knife. No way I told him, dead quicker than a fly. Elephant nose, same response by me. Angel (not even an inch). I said barb will harrass it horribly and probably wont survive a new tank. He bought one :l . "what others do i suggest" I saw he was stubborn and didnt like any fish so i said an albino corydora would do ok, buy algae wafers. he took one. and finally, because it was pretty. A rainbow shark. This guy....ARGHH
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Old 01-31-2014, 01:06 AM   #2
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Ugh, oh honey, why did you suggest anything?! Customer is not always right, customers all new and shiny need to be educated, stupid people need to be taught or told NO, so EDUCATE. He's gonna kill all of those poor fish Why would you tell him to get a corydora? They're shoalers, need more space, and are not that hardy... =(

My LFS will -not- sell fish to people like that and are good at teaching. x.x Next time tell him to buy a larger tank and suggest he take back what he has and get five guppies or endlers OR a single male or female betta for that ten and say that's all that can properly fit, or just tell him no and you're not allowed to sell fish to someone who you know isn't caring for them right(it's against policies of most pet shops to do that, even our petco wont sell you fish like that!).
Most customers are willing to learn, and as a worker at the store KNOWING some about fish, it's your responsibility to tell him you wont sell to him when he's got an over-stocked, not cycled tiny tank and to tell him what needs to be done for the safety of the animals you're selling. Mine do, and trust me it wont hurt your "Good" buyers at all. In fact if you do well at educating and such, it draws in real hobbyists or newbies willing to learn. If you're worried about scaring off customers, or even worried about your own sales...that shop shouldn't exist as the ANIMALS welfare comes first. o-O;
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LaurenKK (01-31-2014)
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That's really sad. :(
In North America there isn't really much you can do. No one cares about fish. Only the fish suffer in the end. :/ Sad to think that in the UK this would be considered animal abuse, just not here.
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LaurenKK (01-31-2014)
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Technical difficulties. Sorry

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If only! Not sure where everyone is from, but in the NW U.S. the customer is ALWAYS right, unfortunately. Even when I was working in the medical field.
For some reason everyone is their own expert and you are constantly walking a fine line about to hurt someone's feelings or insult their lack of intelligence.
Business owners are so fearful of losing a $5 sale that they don't focus on quality over quantity anymore and force their eager employees to operate outside of what they know to be right for fear of losing their job that was so hard to come by.

I totally feel for you! It is unbearable to be in that kind of position. I'm sure he heard you and some day it will click for him and it will be because YOU planted that seed in the back of his mind. It's just not quite his time to see the light.
Or perhaps he was secretly mortified and ashamed to show it, but ran to another store to fix his situation...

I'm so sorry... That sure makes for a crappy week.
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