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Rams and tankmates

This is a discussion on Rams and tankmates within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Originally Posted by veganchick ya Umm... you didn't answer either question. I would like to know as well....

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Originally Posted by veganchick View Post
Umm... you didn't answer either question. I would like to know as well.
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Isn't there anyone else who thinks that that 20gal is totally overstocked??
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All those fish in a 10g, yes, over stocked. All those fish in a 20g, yes, overstocked. But vegan is still working on the stock plan and I'm pretty confident that she'll do what's best long term (including a bigger tank down the road )
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I say the 20G is fine, if it is a 20 long. A 20H would be overstocked.
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Yeah... I don't find it over stocked at all really. But I agree with Cody, if it was a 20h then it would be over stocked. As long as she keeps up with water changes then she really shouldn't have a problem with these fish in a 20 gallon.

I'm not 100% sure what you're planning on doing with the rams, but definitely do not cycle the tank with the rams in it. And you should wait a month or two to let your tank establish itself before adding the rams. Even a month or two old tank is still a fairly young tank.

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Shrimp have incredibly low bioload which is helped by the fact that they'll clean up some of the detritus that would otherwise decompose and become nitrogenous substances. Guppies and neons are both very small fish with very small bioloads. The rams and corys are the only fish of any significant bioload. Really I'd be more worried about having enough real estate on the bottom for the corys and the rams.
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With a 20 long you should have plenty of room for a single ram and a school of cories. You could probably do it in a 20H, too, since the ram isn't really going to be bothered by the cories. Rams can turn into real jerks when breeding, but you've also got to consider that the vast majority of blue rams are males, so finding a pair is unlikely. Two males will not get along in a 20g, so I'd stick with just one ram.
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