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Quick Question

Hi! As some may have seen in my threat about my aquariums in the freshwater picture/video thread I have recently got a new 5 gallon from a former roommate and had to clean it out. My fish are doing fine but when i looked closely just now there seem to be white[clear?] specs on the glass? these specs are also on this piece of wood [i think its fake wood] and my fake plats, on the coconut in there, and also on my snails shells. i mean there are millions of the specs on all four sides of my tank. is this just algae? what could be done to get rid of it?

sorry if this question was asked before. its just i just noticed it today and im not sure if it was there the last few days. im mainly worrying because my guppy just gave birth to fry and i dont want to lose too many ^^

any help would be hot :)

thanks in advance!

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Can you post a picture of the specs?
I am wondering if they are snail eggs. What kind of snails do you have?
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im gonna have agree with twister and say they are eggs of some sort, a picture will definitely let us tell you exactly what they are. Money
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well I am currently trying to get my camera to take non-blurry photos
i have a thread somewhere about it

my snails are greyish with browns hells thats swirl around
ill try and google a picture one second....

ok i got one
i think my snails are
Planorbarius corneus

they look a lot like that just with brown shells not blackll

ill try to describe these specs more
hmmm they are little clear specs all over the tank. EVERYWHERE
my dojo was near the one wall i was looking at and when she swam away the current her tail made made the specs swoosh and move
the one snail i can find is covered with the specs all over it's shell too
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If you can't get a good picture, google images of snail eggs and see if that looks like what you have.
I think your snails are also called ramshorn snails.
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yeah i googled Ramshorn snail and thats what they are :)
i googled the eggs and it sort of looks like this


but it isnt concentrated like in that photo its on every inch of the glass, on all the plants, and on the coconut
its even on the shells of the snails
nothing seems to be eating the "eggs" either :(
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i mean snail eggs can get everywhere and then eventually take oiver ur tank. you will def know in about a week or so if its snail eggs.
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My ramshorn eggs, do look like the picture. They look like a small glob of clear jello with little eggs spread within. They do lay their eggs everywhere, even on each others shells.
If its not snail eggs, I don't know what it is.
Unless, they are moving, then it could be a bunch of baby snails.
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itll take a week or so? ok well ill keep my eye on it
they are moving moving like on their own
but they do sway with the current from my fish moving and the filter
i can see trails now from where my snails have gone across the glass
algae is never clearish/white?

i just went and took a peek and it looks like my dojo is trying to eat them off the glass
i also saw my guppies nipping at the plants
could this show even more proof that its just eggs and i have no thing to worry about?
like my one dojo is literally going nuts all over the tank swimming back and forth
my male guppies are chasing my females but they were nipping at the plants earlier

my dojo had uprooted one of my fake plants and when i was putting the plant back in the substrate i felt the glass slightly and it is sort of slimey, but with like a texture to it. it doesnt really feel like algae

also some of the specs are bigger than others

sorry if im not making it any harder to imagine D: my camera fails and im trying my best:P
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Snail eggs usually stick to the glass pretty good and do not sway with the current, unless the dojo has pulled them loose.
Not for sure what you have.
Are all these fish in a 5 gal tank? How does your water test for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate?
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