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quick cycle question

This is a discussion on quick cycle question within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> We will be setting up a Christmas present tank tomorrow evening and I had some questions. I asked my hubby to get some small ...

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quick cycle question

We will be setting up a Christmas present tank tomorrow evening and I had some questions.

I asked my hubby to get some small dark gravel today so that Sunday evening we can wash the gravel and tank and set it up with water in it. I will take some of the dark gravel from the nicely established 2 gallon tank as well as the filter cartridge and put them in the new tank with a pinch of food (the 2 gallon will get a new filter cartridge) and that will hopefully get the new tank cycled quickly.
Will it be ok to add the plants after the water has been sitting in the tank or should they go in after the gravel and before the water? I don't think we'll have time to pick up plants before Monday and I think the kids will be getting gift cards for Petsmart from their aunts and uncles so we can use those to get plants with.
If I add the filter cartridge and gravel from the established tank what should I be looking for with my water testing parameters? Will there be an ammonia and nitrite spike?

Is it time yet? :D
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first off hi now to aswer your question you really don't need to add a pinch of food just taking the cartrige out of the other tank and exposeing it to air will kill some bacteria and will start your cycle adding the pinch of food will only add to the waiting time, and thats not cool, and its okay to add plants during your cycle it will spead it up and doesn't really bother the plants much, as for how long it will take to cycle it all depends on the size of the tank............. the amonia should spike then nitrite then finally nitrate, look out for amonia first
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