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Post Questions, in setting up a 75 g. freshwater.

Hello, everyone.

First to give you a little back ground, I've had a 10gal and 36gal bow front for over 6 years now. I'm now upgrading to a 75gal. I have the tank and stand, just need some other advice.

Fish first: I'm moving all my fish out of the 36gal into the 75gal. They include the following, Knife Fish, 2 Balla Sharks, Yellow Gourami, Figure 8 Puffer Fish, Kuhil Loach, and a Cory Catfish. I've had everyone in the 36gal for 2 years now and no fusses, everyone has gotten along great. However they all need a bigger home.

Second Substrate: I'm going to go with some kind of sand, and I will be putting in live plants. I'm not sure what type of plants yet and not looking for any suggestions right now. I would like suggestions on sand though, and maybe if anyone knows a place to order 75 pounds of sand online? I'm not sure if there is a certain type of sand that I should get for any of the fish that will be in the tank.

Third Filtration: This is what I really can't decide on. First off, is it necessary to have a canister filtration system, for a 75 gal. tank? I have been running HOB's on my 10gal. and 36gal. for the last 6 years. I do have to clean them twice a month, which isn't a big deal to me. The only thing that bothers me is, the amount of evaporation of water that comes with using them.

So my first thought was to have 2 HOB's and a couple air stones as well. Does anyone like this idea and does anyone have any suggestions on HOB's and aerators for a 75gal.?

Second thought was to go with a canister system, which I'm intimidated by only because I don't know how they fully work. I understand the taking apart and changing the media, but is there a lot of water all over the place when you change the media? Do you need to take them apart to clean them? I have read that they are quite and there is less water evaporation. Also if I go with a canister, what else do I need? Besides a spray bar, of course. Will I still need a HOB or aerator?
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New tank Always good!

I could start by mentioning a F8 can eventually turn nasty, and debate is still on whether they are better long term in a salinity of 1.005-1.008 ish than freshwater, that balas need a much bigger tank than 75G, approx 7ft, and a group of at least 5, and that your knife fish needs a HUGE tank, but i wont (lol!)

As per your canister, I've only had experience with canisters and fluval in tank filters, so although nothing to compare them with HOB wise, there really isnt anything to be scared of. They basically work the same, just the hoses and impeller fuctions are slightly different, yet nothing you really need to kniow about. As per media etc, most canisters i looked into etc come with baskets nowadays where each basket contains a different media type etc. A lot come standard with 3, or 5 depending on size etc, and have basic media, carbon, and sponges and floss in the 3. A lot of peeple obv strip out the carbon and either add other media or more floss/sponges.....its basically how YOU want it. Cleaning with these is a doddle- Close the in valve (so is drains a little water and doesnt leak when opening), unplug 2 secs later, closed the out valve, pull out and lift baskets out if needed etc and clean - depending on what you need to clean etc. They work from bottom to top, so you can leave the media in water and just remove top basket with the sponge/floss and clean etc.

I completely just rambled through that as i watch 'the following' so hope it kinda made sense. haha

55G tall planted community
15G Dwarf puffer tank
15G plant propagation tank
5G Snail breeding tank
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I've got a Rena XP3 on my 75 gallon freshwater and love love love it. When you want to clean the filter, you disconnect the hoses with one lever (there is no water leakage) and then bring the entire canister to the sink.

It really couldn't be easier. You can google videos on setting up and cleaning one. As for the spray bar/input, you can direct it toward the water surface to keep it agitated so you don't get a film on the surface - and having it pointed upwards, it won't disrupt your sand.

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I have 2 cannister filters on my 120 gallon an Fluval 405 eheim 2217 they are better then HOB filters you clean them less they have shut off valves so they don't leak all over
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Thank you guys for your thoughts, I took them all into consideration. After still debating for a week, studying different forums, you-tube videos, and researching different products. I went with a Fluval 406 canister for now. I bought it online from Petco, which had a very good sale on them this last week.

I like the looks of it and how it seems simple enough to maintain. I'm not sure what else I'm going to add just yet, maybe a long bubble stone at the bottom and maybe a water circulatory. Plan to get the sand this week and put in the sand and water.

I will update any filtration changes here, and probably start a new thread on my setting up my tank, with some pictures.
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A canister filter is best for larger planted tanks, so that was a good choice. I would not use any bubbling devices though, these will drive out much needed CO2 faster than the plants can assimilate it. This is why the canister is so good, you can minimize surface disturbance and water flow.


Byron Hosking, BMus, MA
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Originally Posted by Byron View Post
A canister filter is best for larger planted tanks, so that was a good choice. I would not use any bubbling devices though, these will drive out much needed CO2 faster than the plants can assimilate it. This is why the canister is so good, you can minimize surface disturbance and water flow.


and about your sand, you dont need anything fancy or special. it will be cheaper to buy 75 lbs of play sand and wash it urself since you would have to wash anyother sand you get anyways. the play sand works the same as anyother type of sand. as far as some plant reccomendations, start with java fern and amazon swords both are easy to grow and dont require crazy light.
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