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Questions about guppies, breeding, and Ich

hi im starting a new fish tank and i want it to be a guppy breeding tank i have two tanks running currently could i put some water from that tank into the new one and also one of my fish tanks is suffering from ich i put aquarium salt in and turned the temp up to 84 please respond

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i have no experience with ich but you can use water from the tank that doesnt have ich just to be safe
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OK, I know about guppys and ich. First the Ich, it is alwys present in the water and can only take hold when fish are stresses or ill from something else. Most likely culprits new fish or poor water conditions. Your quick fix does work, but it can be brutal on the fish and other living things. I have used this stuf from FartMart called Quick Cure. I typically don't trust anything from WalMart. This product happens to work and doesn't mess up your silicon or water appearance. First, I would test the water to see what is going on. If the water tests fine, then it is time to get serious about treating the fish. First corys and inverts hate salt and it is not good for them. If you want to continue using it, take them out and put them in a bucket for 24 hours. Push the salt level up to approximately 1 tbs per gallon and turn the heat to 86. Hit with a dose of Quick Cure in the evening and another the next morning. Do a 40% water change and start dropping the heat until you hit 80. That should do it if the water chemistry is fine. Keep in mind carbon and purigen must be removed before meds go in or they just get suckd out.

As for guppys, don't know what size tank you plan to use, but if you want fry to live plan on seperating them from adults immediately. I use a spare 10gal and place a plastic pasta strainer so that it sits with about two inches of water at the top of the tank. I place my female in there and the fry drop through when born. I put the female back in the breeder tank and start feeding baby brine shrimp ASAP.
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Regarding using water from the "old" tank, yes you can do that, but it won't be a substitute for cycling your new tank. The beneficial bacteria colony you need to establish is not free swimming in the water but rather adhers to hard stuff like your filter box interior, filter sponges, decorations, etc.

If the new tank is already fully cycled and established, you can interchange the water but I'd make certain the source tank is disease free first.
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New tank stocking ideas

Hi i am planning on getting a 20 gallon long and i was wondering if there are any ideas out there that you could give as far as fish and plant wise thanks
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Originally Posted by buggythemolly View Post
Hi i am planning on getting a 20 gallon long and i was wondering if there are any ideas out there that you could give as far as fish and plant wise thanks
I'm confused! Is this the same tank that you're setting up as a guppy breeding tank? Hope you got your ich cleared up!
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