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For my own comfort and from my own expierience, I'll stick with Prime. I have chloramines (chlorine/Ammonia) from my tap and am comfortable with the product for it dos what it says and takes less than a third of nearly all other conditioners to treat same volume of water. Does not affect pH or oxygen levels and helps detoxifiy stuff like Zinc,copper,manganese,along with mononitrates, and phosphates all of which are found in many of the fish foods offered. Can also safely be used at five times the recommended dose for emergency situations.
For new tanks with immature biological filter ,and or no plants or few plants, Would also be my choice for it's ability to detoxify ammonia from chloramines and or fish or fish food while leaving it in a form that bacteria can use.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.

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Originally Posted by Angel079 View Post
After I switched to Prime after yrs using AquaSafe I learned that Prime detoxifies liquid ferts as well. Since that only concerns 1 of my tanks I now started adding liquid ferts there 1-2 days after the w/c.

Now the big question to me is if that's what its doing to ferts then does it also detoxify med's? I'm currently treating the 45g for ich but am needing to do my weekly w/c today or tomorrow but I'm worried using Prime the meds won't work now???

Anyone any ideas?
(And yes I will switch back to my old conditioner once this bottle is used up).
hi there Angel079

newbie here

re your 2nd post, i was actually surprised to see you asking a question for a change, i only found this site late last night and activated my membership this morning but i have been reading the site almost all day and you are everywhere with such good and seemingly knowledgeable advise receiving praise from many

however you seem to have got quite a few replies now so lets hope its helped you some like you help so many others

i couldnt possibly make my first post, giving advice to someone else, i mean isnt almost written in stone that a newbies first post is always a question, however i dont have any questions at this time and while i dont want to give advice re question, not just for being a newbie here but also to fishkeeping, a lil over 6 months, i would like to post my observation

after reading this entire thread i feel there has been such a digression on the subject of ferts being wiped out by water treatments and whether the same would happen for meds or not that one vital component has been missed

you mentioned that you are currently treating for Ich, well i dont think you need worry about what the water treatment would do to your meds, its the water change in itself which will do most harm - afaik you should not do a water change during a course of ich treatment ?

apologies if i am wrong, but thats my understanding of the situation and please feel free to flame me if i am

unfortunately i expect my observation even if correct is maybe a little to late now as its 3 days on from your OP, however i am just glad that i found this gr8 site and hopefully one day i'll be around and able to offer some sound advice to someone at the point at which it is asked



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LOL yea I seem to answer more then ask questions apparently. BUT there's always new stuff on the market (such as Prime) and then even I have question about things I wanna learn

I don't see nothing wrong whatsoever for someone newly joining us here and handing out advise...Heck back when I jumped in here I jumped in full force handing out advises on planted tank set up's left & right and converting people from plastic to live plants etc....there's absolutely no reason to me as to why anyone should hold back from sharing their knowledge & experiences here!

At this point right now I been treating the "ich tank" for several weeks and I can not go several weeks w/out doing a w/c; so that's how the question actually came up in the first place cause the 1 time when I treated ich before it was done & over with in less then 10 days so I did a large w/c after that no big deal but as this is lasting forever (or so it seems) I just wanted all my bases covered. Not doing a w/c for several week could possibly turn into a very toxic issue for my fish

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weeks & weeks eh, oh ouch - well then no i guess you cant leave your WC any longer, i thought perhaps your Wc just happened to coincide with being in the middle of your first ich treatment

whatevers going on with your lot i've no idea really, as i said i am new to fishkeeping too, but ive had my experiences of ich several times already with both my clown loaches and cardinal tetras, but lucky it was gone both times in the 6 day cycle period

i dont know what you are using - i used "protozin" by waterlife

i also forgot to remove the carbon from my external canister filter on the first day as i was in such a rush to get it in there and on the previous occasion i didnt have such a filter setup with carbon included so by the first time i had read and understood the treatment instructions i didnt bother reading the label the 2nd time, it was only by chance of reading an article on the net i realised, so i found already its always worth reading the label every time just in case something has changed in your setup

talking of articles, i found this one, might be of some assistance to you

Disease Treatment Tips

GL and do let us know how you get on and when its all gone ;)


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Well believe it or not but I've had fish/ tanks for many many yrs now and just recently (last Nov) brought me home some ich for the first time - So that alone was a whole new learning curve for me over something new. The "test" patience on it being Cardinals did not survive it. Then the 45g Rummy tank got infected treated it; all gone in less then a week (but I kept medicating 5 days on top that). Now again SAME tank I carried it in with some plants that I soaked in a bucket but apparently not long enough and it had to have been the plants cause I didn't add no fish in there in forever.
So today all are looking much better except 1 dot left on 1 Emporer we're getting there

I use QuIck Cure from Walmart (as I have no LFS here in the stix and needed meds asap when it first started- thou it was too late) So far worked great 2x in combo with the heat dial up.

Once this is over I'd appreciate getting home some NON infected fish in my QT for the next stock.....

Yea I don't use carbon in non my set up's as they're all planted so no worries there

~ Life Is Too Short, Break The Rules, Forgive Quickly, Kiss Slowly, Love Truly, Laugh Uncontrollably And Never Regret Anything that Made You Smile.
Life May Not Be The Party We Hoped For, But While We're Here, We Should Dance. ~
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