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Question about PRIME

This is a discussion on Question about PRIME within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> I bought a bottle of Prime and read the directions on how to use it. They say to use a cap full for 50 ...

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Question about PRIME

I bought a bottle of Prime and read the directions on how to use it. They say to use a cap full for 50 gallons and that each thread can be used as a marker to treat less amounts (1 thread = 10 gallons). The problem is I only have a five gallon tank and only need to treat 1 or 2 gallons at a time. Does anyone have a way I can figure out how to treat the one or two gallons at a time rather than 10. I only ask cause I am unsure if by putting too much Prime in the water needing to be treated would poison the fish. Thanks.
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Too much prime wont hurt your fish. If i'm not mistaken it is mostly aloe anyway. If you want to make sure you are using the right amount for economical reasons (prime can get expensive after a while) you can ask your LFS if they have medication dosing syringes. I use one to fertilize my 10 gallon planted tank and my LFS gave it to me free when I asked about fert dosing. If thats not available just eyeball it.
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Most conditioners state that they will not harm the fish if the recommended dose is exceeded, but I do not like to see un-necessary chemicals going into a tank. Also it wastes money, Prime is not cheap.

I would use a measuring spoon; find out how much one thread equals; for the sake of discussion, say it is 1/2 teaspoon--then half that or similar, say 1/4 tsp in my example. Sufficient Prime for 5g is not likely to cause a problem.

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General concensus is 2 drops per gallon. I use gallon jugs, put a few drops in each one with new water and that's it. Don't worry about a few drops more here and there, you'll be fine.
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These are all good ideas. Thanks for the quick responses.
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I vote for getting an oral syringe, you can easily measure out half a ml and they only cost a few dollars at a drug store, might even get one for free if you know your pharmacist really well.
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