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Quarantine Tanks

Well, to make short of this, I thought that I would have an empty tank to use to quarantine the new fish for my 15 gallon, but now I don't. How many of you have QT tanks, and what are the risks if I don't have one? Thanks.
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the risks are that you'll buy a fish that's been only recently infected with some disease or parasite, so when you are buying it you won't notice a thing suspicious, but all your fish may die, and you may need to completley sterilise your tank just a week or two later.
quarantene tanks save you a lot of trouble and pain (and money).

you could have a small heater, some small hang-on filter and just fill it with the water from your main tank when you need to use it.
no gravel, maby just a few floating plants to make fish feel better (throw away after use).

quarantene tank is not just for introducing new fish, it's for treating ill fish too. there's no sense in needlessly medicating all of your fish, and some fish may even die because of it (corys and some other bottom dwellers are more sensitive to copper and other common meds). so instead of poisoning all of your fish with meds, treat just the one that's ill.

i know a few guys that have discuses, or large cichlides colonies, and they keep the new fish in quarantene for a month or even too, because they simply can't risk infecting the whole tank for simple rashnes.
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yeah i'd go along with that,
i don't have one at the moment,however there is always
a spare tank that can be put together in a jiffy.
i have introduced new fish and had no problems at all,
however it is a game of russian roulette(sp)
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i dont have a qt tank. if i could though i would love to keep one. currently i just dont have the money or space for one. if you have the ability to set one up id say go for it.

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I don't keep one running on a regular basis, but I always have an extra tank laying around. I've also always got some sort of filter on one of my other tanks that can easily be transferred to another tank so that I've got a pre-cycled filter ready to go.

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I keep a 10 gallon tank empty and one of those small, cheap pre-set heaters. In the back of one of my big tanks, I always have a sponge filter running. Then when I need QT, I scoop some water out of the big tank, turn on the heater, drop in the sponge filter and voila, instant QT tank.

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I decided to turn my 10 gallon into a QT after losing some fish to Columnaris.

I agree with Willow that it's a game of Russian Roulette. You can go years without having one and not have too many problems. But then something happens and you lose all your favorite fish. I currently have some Sterbai cories who have been in my QT for about 6 weeks. When I first got them I suspected something not right. They would just hide in the corner and not eat. They were also flashing. There was no sign of Ick but I thought it may be gill flukes. I treated them for it but lost 2 out of the 6 I bought. They now seem to be doing good, eating, and swimming all over the tank like cories normally do. But I'm waiting another week or two just to be safe because they are going into my angelfish tank and I really love those angels and don't want anything to happen to them.

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fingers crossed for you that the others will be ok.
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Originally Posted by Monsterpony
I keep a 10 gallon tank empty and one of those small, cheap pre-set heaters. In the back of one of my big tanks, I always have a sponge filter running. Then when I need QT, I scoop some water out of the big tank, turn on the heater, drop in the sponge filter and voila, instant QT tank.
I actually like to use a more expensive fully adjustable heater on my QT tank. Heck, I even have pre-set ones in some of my regular tanks. I like to have the ability to crank the heat on the QT tank to treat for ich, which isn't possible with a pre-set heater.

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A QT tank doesn't have to be fancy. I've lucked out and gotten most of the parts I need for free.

Tank, doesn't have to be a real tank. Something non-reactive that holds water will do just fine. I'm using a 15 gallon clear rubbermaid tub.
Filter, sponge filter. Even the premade ones are relatively cheap, the one I'm buying is $11 dollars, you can make a DIY one for probably $5 if you can find the parts.
Heater, small tank small heater. I'm reusing an old 50W visitherm but you can get an appropriate sized heater for a rubbermaid tub for less than $20.
Light, not really needed so long as the QT tank is somewhere that it can get ambient light from the room. Heck, sick and new fish will probably like the lack of bright light.
Decor, cheeeeeaaaaap. I'm going to be using clay pots from the hardware store 99 cents each and plants that I have but don't want to see in my display tank.

Set up from scratch a QT tank will cost between $40 and $50 bucks. It's pretty cheap insurance for your tanks.

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