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Quarantine tank

This is a discussion on Quarantine tank within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> My quarantine tank used to be my 10 gallon, but my betta is in there now, so I have no quarantine tank! Knowing this ...

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Quarantine tank

My quarantine tank used to be my 10 gallon, but my betta is in there now, so I have no quarantine tank! Knowing this is a necessity, I was going to order an extra large Kritter Keeper (about 5 gallons), but read online reviews where they are prone to cracking from the weight of the water. The large Kritter Keeper, however, got good reviews. Its only a 3 gallon capacity though. I've already ordered it. Is it too small to quarantine a few (2-3) guppies for 2-3 weeks? I have one of those smallest filters that you can buy and a 50 wt. heater already for it. I neeed something with a lid, as I had two fish jump out of the Tupperware I was using for quarantine!
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I am not sure of your budget but a new 10g starter kit from Petsmart is only 30 bucks and it has a lid. Also the last time I checked Walmart had very inexpensive 10g tank. The glass looked very thin though but for a quarantine tank not filled up could be pulled off. For a top go to a local home improvement centrt and get some plexi or glass to fit the opening.
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Yes, and 10 gallon tanks can be found for cheap on Craigslist and yardsales as well. Some suggest plastic bins, but I like to observe the fish from the side (best way to see them) when I quarantine, which can only be done if its clear and has good clarity. If you can only see the fish from the top, you won't be able to see much of anything, comparatively speaking.

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The 10g is a good idea. Although I think you might get away with your 3g plan for a couple of guppies, a larger resource would be better.
I have used a 5g acrylic as a hospital/quarantine tank that once housed Abbey's goldfish. Right now it's home to some young Angel fry.
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Thanks guys. I've never seen a 10 gal. in Petsmart with a lid (or without for that matter) for $30. I guess I've just never happened to go there when they've had a sale going on. I'll try the Kritter Keeper for the guppies, but when I get a turquoise rainbow, I know I'll have to have something bigger.
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