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Well, it can be used during emergencies as a hospital tank for sick fish, but since you really only need it for that and when you get new fish that you want to keep quarantined until they're ready to go in the display tank, you don't need to keep them up and running all the time and it's actually sort of frustrating to do so. Only setting it up when it's needed seems the natural solution and it works well for me.

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Here is how I do it:

As the name implies the "QT/HOSP. tank" will have 2 purposes:
1) Quarantine tank - Keep new fish in there for 2-6 weeks as needed
2) Hospital tank - Sometimes fish in your main tank or new fish you quarantine will become sick.

Here is the set up for each:
Advance Preparation methods:

A) Keep an extra few filter pads or sponge media stuffed into your filter on your main tank.
- When needed you simply remove the extra media and rinse it thoroughly in a small bucket or container of dechlorinated water (The container only needs to be large enough for you to connect your QT tank filter to it - No larger than that). You then connect the QT tank filter to the bucket or container and let it run for a few hours till the water looks clear. (At this point all of the BB is evenly distributed into the new filter and it is ready for action in the QT tank.
B) Another method as mentioned earlier is to keep am extra sponge filter in your main tank.
- When needed you simply move the filter to the QT tank. *Note* I don't prefer this method because when the filter is finished use you place it back in the main tank and I do not like putting things from the QT tank into my main tank except fish...lol

Set Up:

1) Quarantine - As a QT tank you will use method A or B to place filtration on the QT tank. and place the newly purchased e fish into the QT tank using the drip aclimation method. Let the fish serve thier time in QT observing them for illness or odd behavior. when the time is completed and you deem the fish healthy you will place them in the main tank using the drip aclimation method. Once the tank is empty you should sterilize the whole QT tank filtration and all. And then reset for the next batch.

2) Hospital - As a Hospital tank you will replace the bio filtration with ammo chips (This will keep the tank from having ammonia /nitrite problems while you medicate.). Since it is chemical filtration you you do not have to worry about the adverse effects of antibiotics and similar medications on your Beneficial Bacteria because your filtration does not depend on bio-filtration. Once the fish are returned to health you will change the water and run the tank as a QT tank for about 1-2 weeks to make sure the fish is indeed back to health. While this is going on you can soak the ammo chips in salt water (This recharges them) so that they are ready for the next time. Once fish get clear bill of health you can drip acclimate them back into the main tank and sterilize the QT/HOSP tank.

Final Thoughts:
I know it all seems like a lot but trust me if you ever catch a really nasty disease from new fish or if a fish in your main tank ever becomes seriously ill you will really learn to appreciate the above methods. ie: http://tanks4thememories.blogspot.co...born.html#top1 It becomes very "Routine" once you have done it a few times.

Good Luck!!

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^ Oh okay. Now everything seems to be clear. Thanks for the info.

Now I definely going to need a quarantine tank..


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