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Thank you for the reply SmallTankGal. Today I purchased 5 Corydorus habrosus. I'm already wishing I'd gotten about 3 more and I may even go back to my lfs tomorrow. They are so much fun to watch. They do very much stay together. They seem to like playing in the current from the filter, almost as if they were surfing. I'm wondering if maybe the current is a little too strong. I am thinking of adding some sort of baffle to redirect the current somewhat. But they seem to be having fun! There are plenty of places where they could hide away from the current, but they seem to like hanging around in it.

On a side note, I doubt they will survive, but I seem to have hatched some sort of unidentified fry that must have been riding along on one of the plants. I noticed about half a dozen little fellows swimming from leaf to leaf.
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Did you upgrade from the incandescent light that came with it? I would think that your plants will likely not do well under incandescent lighting.

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Can I use a typical CFL light that I pickup at WalMart or Lowes? Do I need to look for anything special as far as the light goes?

This tank is getting filtered natural light near a south facing window.
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CFLs will work fine for such a small tank. You just want to make sure it's the right color/temperature. Look for something in the 6500K range.

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Surprise Fry!

I definitely have fry in my new 5 gallon planted tank! Help! We are complete newcomers to fish-keeping, but we'd love to try and see if we can get any of these little guys to survive. First off, I have no idea what type of fish they are. My best guess is the eggs came in on a plant. The Corydorus habrosus have only been in there 3 days, so that doesn't seem like enough time for it to be their offspring. So here are my questions:

Would the Corydorus habrosus eat the fry?

Should I move either the fry or Corydorus habrosus to another tank?

The filter I am using seems way too strong for the fry (and probably for the Corys too). In a newly set up well-planted 5 gallon do I need to have a filter running? Can I slow the flow? It is an AquaTech 5-15.

The temperature of the tank is right about 73 degrees. Should I adjust it?

Sorry for so many questions, but I'd love to see a few of these guys survive.

Thank you.
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I posted on your other topic.

Originally Posted by Christople View Post
^^ genius

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5 gallon , pygmy cories

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