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Pulverized Flakes For Fry

I have been using a mortar and pestle to grind up flakes for some rainbow fry. I can get them pretty small. Was wondering, if they still would be able to nibble at the edges of the tiny particles.
I have some decapsulated brine shrimp eggs on order.

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They should be able to. I've got this cheap electric coffee grinder, cost $12 online, turns dry food to the consistency of soot.
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Similarly I have one of those Magic Bullets that I'll use to grind fry food. Now I wouldn't buy one just for this purpose, but often what you have on hand can work as well as something else you can buy.
magic bullet-w.jpg

Be sure to select a high quality flake food.

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Some stores do sell a powderized fish food for fry, Hikari First Bites I think.

Raising your own brine shrimp is best I think though, however you have to be sure you feed them while they still have the egg sack to get all the nutrition. When I looked into it it takes two days to hatch, so having two hatcheries going is enough to provide food daily.

A caution with feeding lots of live food is your fish may become accustomed to it and scorn prepared foods.
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thanks all.
I am looking into getting a second hatchery going.

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I use my fingers; flake food turns to powder easily. I am currently doing this to sprinkle food and stir it into the water to sink onto surfaces for my Farlowella fry.

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Golden Pearls works well as a food for rainbow fry, or the hikarii first bites. Once the yolk sack is used up they can take BBS. Try using a bare bottom tank, and siphon out all uneaten food. Rainbows are very susceptible to higher nitrates. If you keep the water temp a little higher, and feed several times a day, you will get accelerated growth from the fry. These are the techniques I used for my bow fry. Although there are other ways to raise them I'm sure.
Good luck!! Bows are great fish
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