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**PROBLEM** Need urgent help

Ok so I have the 10 gallon aqueon deluxe kit. I cycled the tank with nutrafin cycle : NutraFin Cycle Biological Aquarium Supplement at PETCO

Then I got the fish. There are 3 platties 1 snail and a small catfish in there. The tank has become a little bit cloudy and I am worried...http://i891.photobucket.com/albums/a...DSC_0025-3.jpg

What should I do to keep my fish from dying?? It has a filter for up to 30 gallons and it has been running for 3 days 2 days with fish in it

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From my experience Cycle does not help much to cycle an aquarium. Purchase a liquid test kit such as this API Freshwater Master Test Kit - Water Test Kits - Master Test Kits at BigalsOnline
The API Freshwater master Test Kit is what most of us recommend. Read up on the aquarium nitrogen cycle. Here's a link http://www.tropicalfishkeeping.com/f...m-cycle-38617/

Since you already have fish in the tank you will need to do lots of water changes to keep ammonia and nitrite levels from getting too high and killing your fish. Start testing your water for ammonia and nitrite and do water changes as needed. For a 10 gallon I would change around 3-5 gallons depending on how high the toxin levels are. You may have to do daily water changes until your tank is fully cycled. Do not add anymore fish until the cycle is complete. Good luck and post any questions you may have. There are lots of helpful people here who have been through the same thing you are.

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You need a test kit to monitor the ammonia and nitrite levels... Those products do not instantly cycle the tank, no matter what the package says. They might speed it up, but 24 hours is pretty much impossible.

You need to test your water twice a day, and whenever you see any trace of ammonia or nitrite, do a 40% water change. Until you can get a test kit, you need to do the water changes as if the test was positive.

Plants can help the cycle (actually replacing the need for a cycle somewhat, since they use up the ammonia as a fertiliser), but you may need to buy a fertiliser to keep the plants alive. If you decide to go that route, you may need new lights, and grab some Flourish comprehensive.

Check your ph- If your water is basic (over 7.0) then you may need to do water changes slightly more often... Higher ph makes ammonium change to ammonia, which is bad. DO NOT try to fix your ph if it is high, just do the W/Cs.

If you can go get some Zeolite for your filter, it can help as well. (Sold as Ammo-lock, Ammo-carb, Ammo-sorb, and others.. It's a white granulated substance that goes in the filter.

You're lucky you have platies, they are normally pretty hardy. If their fins appear damaged, gills turn red, or appear to be gasping at the surface, do more water changes.

Good luck. I'm sure everything will be fine. Take a deep breath and relax, after you do a water change. :)

Jeanenil beat me to it- I second everything she said. I use the laborette test kit, but when it runs out I'll switch to API. Laborette was a bit cheaper... Don't get strips

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^^ genius

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Thanks a lot! haha yeah I am stressing. Ill do a 40% water change now.

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Originally Posted by Cutar View Post
Thanks a lot! haha yeah I am stressing. Ill do a 40% water change now.
We have all been there. Hang in there, keep up the water changes and keep asking questions. It is the only way we can learn, right?
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Yup. The best thing you can do for your fishies is give then clean water while your tank is cycling.
We've all been there done that LOL.

Animal testing is a terrible idea; they get all nervous and give the wrong answers.
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