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Exclamation Possible tank crack

I recently just set up a brand new 29 gallon tank and has had water in it for about 5 days now. This is my first experience with fish/aquariums. It is on a level stand and the tank itself is level. Today, I noticed a very very tiny crack on the front pane of glass (about 1/32"). This is new today, I would have noticed it last night as I was keeping a close eye on the new fishes. I am very concerned that this will expand and cause a big accident/leak. Should I empty the tank and get a new one? I don't want to take any chances. This is unfortunate because I just added the first 4 fish to the tank last night.
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Oh, and the crack is on the inside of the tank about 1/3 of the way down from the top.
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I would replace it...any kind of damage to a tanks glass is suspect for disaster
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As long as you have warrenty or could replace it for free I would do so...If youd have to buy a new one full price, you should...but I wouldnt.

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replace it fsho. 29 gallons of water and broken glass will be terrible to clean up. I would reduce the water level to reduce pressure in the tank and change it ASAP.
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Is it a crack or a scratch? Scratches are no big deal aside from being ugly.

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I replaced the tank. I think it is a crack since when I shined a flashlight from the side, I could see depth of it into the glass. At this point, the crack was tiny, but my fear was that it would grow and break the tank. I figured it would be worth the $50 for my own sanity's sake and to keep water and fish from flooding my apt.
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yup, that was a crack... the ol flashlight at an angle trick, huh?

I've got a used tank with some scratches and small pitting... it's 1/2" glass so I'm not worried about it.. if you get a crack in 1/2" glass... YOU'LL KNOW IT...
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ive never seen 1/2 inch glass... is it a bowfront? i feel like a half inch bow front would warp your view of the tank like crazy...
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