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Lightbulb The possible set up of my tank

Alright, so I know that I have been making a lot of threads but I had to post another one because this is a possible tank set up.
I have a 5 gallon tank. Here is a site that you can look at it: MarinelandŽ 5-gallon Crescent Aquarium System - Aquariums - Fish - PetSmart
In this tank I would like to plant red ludwigia, anubias barteri, moneywort, bacopa australis, and possibly java fern.
Java fern takes the nutrients it needs from the water, right? Because I was thinking about attaching it to one of these rocks (Top FinŽ River Rock Decor Stones - 1 lb. - Decorations - Fish - PetSmart) with black sewing thread just to weigh it down. Would it be able to survive or would I just have a better time putting it into the substrate but not too far down as it would cover the rhyzome? Also, could I do the same with the anubias barteri?
I plan on having 2-3 inches of gravel (Top FinŽ Aquarium Gravel - 5 lbs. - Gravel & Sand - Fish - PetSmart ....I plan on the pebble beach-it is in one of the pictures) I already have about one inch of this gravel in the aquarium but I realize that I would like to add another inch or so. Any recommendations on how I should add this gravel to a fishless cycling tank? Or should I just wait until the end of the cycle and I take out 3/4 of the water? During this low level water time I plan to add the gravel and plants. Does this sound alright?
Also, I have some fertilizer (Jungle Labs Plant Food Tabs - Sale - Fish - PetSmart) Should I use this? Or not?
I have sketched an overhead view of what I roughly invision the 5 gallon as. I accept any kind of critisizm!! The drawing is an attachment...its not the best art wise I've never attached a picture to this site, so I hope you can see it. If not let me know!!

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this!! :)
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why would you spend so much time and thought and effort on a little five gallon tank??????????????!!!!!!!!!!

I <3


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I agree...... Is this the only tank you have? Do you have others and what sizes? What are you planning to put in it?
I am also amazed at the effort you have gone to in outlining this little tank, web links and all. I can't wait to see what you do with something substantial... like a 55 Gallon or bigger.

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Well, I think that five gallon tanks are just as important as large tanks. They need to be cycled and maintained so that the fish have the best life possible. Adding the plants and outlining how I want the tank would ensure this. I don't have any other tanks and would love to have a large tank like 55 gallons but I can't really. I am in high school and I don't want my parents having to look after something so big when I have to go to college. Its not that I dont trust them, its that this is my responsibility. This fish "thing" that I love to do so much is something that I have to care for, not my parents:) Speaking about big tanks, this is one that I personally love, especially the leapord discus... Fish Tank of March '11 at The Age of Aquariums - Tropical Fish

Anyways, I hope this explains things to yall. And yes, it would probably take me a while to outline a 55 gallon tank and how I would want it to look, but it would be a blast:)
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It's late and I have had a couple of beers ,but a couple of quick pointers:
The Fern (and certainly the Anubias) will be ok out of the substrate.
If you have enough live plants,you may not need to cycle a filtered tank.
The ferts will need to be planted under/close to the root plants,not the Anubias etc (of course).

Only a 5G or not,plan the tank out as much as you want!.The more you plan the more you research and so the more knowledge you gain.

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Thank you Tomsk! So if I just waited the anubias and fern to the rocks that I had listed in my first post, will that be ok? They may not attach to the rock, but dont they get their nutrients from the water?
Also, I am in the middle of a fishless cycle, adding pure ammonia. Should I wait until the end to add the plants? Because if I add them now, they may affect the cycle:/

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The Anubias is a slow grower and won't really effect the cycle.Both it and the Java fern don't require extra fertilizers to grow or much light.

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Well I must say as a fish lover (and as a mom) I am truly impressed !! First thank you for the link, that is one beautiful tank and I enjoyed watching it. I can't keep Discus as our water PH is way too basic here at 7.8 to 8.2, they require more acidic under 7. Yes we learn something new every day in here!!
I know there will be many bigger tanks in your future. And I hope you post pictures of yours here when you do!!

Every kid, regardless of what they are going through, is ONE caring adult away from being a success story. ~ Josh Shipp, Teen Behavior Expert
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5 gallon tanks?
You need a bigger one, like this-

before you spend so much time on a little tank.

Oh, wait. That's a 5 gallon too. :P
Here's some more inspiration-
2009 AGA Aquascaping Contest

What kind of fish will you have? What light? Answer this, and I can help you make an awesome little tank.

May I also say, that fine-leaved plants will add depth... More so than bulky ludwigeas. (The narrow-leaf version of java fern is perfect though.)

Anubias nana var petit is good in the foreground.. A nice specimen plant towards the back (and to hide the equipment) would be Echinodorus Bleheri var Compacta,A large clump of Crypt Wendtii, or Echinodorus var Klienar Prinz.

beside the specimen plant, a Echinodorus Vesuviius would look nice, with stands of rotala indica, Proserpinaca Palustrus, and bacopa monnerei on the sides..
(Small-leaved plants add depth..)

Moss balls would also be a nice addition, but they're pricey. Instead, just tie java moss all the way around a couple of the rocks and scatter them in the foreground.

The anubias and java moss can be weighed down the the substrate since the tank is so small...

On the cycle- essentially, stem plants will make a cycle unneccesary. What's going in the tank, anyway? Shrimp, Betta, what?

Originally Posted by Christople View Post
^^ genius

Soil Substrates Guide:
Part 1
--------- Part 2


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What do I tie the plants down with? Black sewing thread? Or fishing line? ...I don't want anything that will leak toxins.
I am going to transfer the three platies I have in my other 5 gallon into this tank once everything is set. One is a dwarf, so she is probably around an inch to inch in a half. The other two girls are around 2 inches. These are the only fish I will put in because I don't want overcrowding, etc.

The lighting I have is a 16 bulb led light. I know this isn't very high in lighting, but thats why I am looking for low light plants. There is a link in my first post to the aquarium I have, and the light is on that link.

Thank you for all of your feed back about the plants. I will definitely look into those...

"The best reason for having dreams is that in dreams, no reasons are necessary."
"Live for the moments you can't put into words."
"Do what you like, like what you do."
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