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pop considers: Bacteria in the Freshwater Aquarium

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pop considers: Bacteria in the Freshwater Aquarium
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Originally Posted by pop View Post
Hello beaslbob:

Those articles on bacteria were very interesting mind telling me what search terms you used to pull them up?? Also macro algae generate carbon dioxide / oxygen during its life’s process so would it not be true that macro algae would as well be net producer of oxygen & carbon dioxide. This leads me to think about the exchange of carbon dioxide for oxygen is it one molecule of oxygen for one molecule of carbon dioxide or is there a ratio of (X) O2 for (1)CO2 molecule. If more molecules of O2 are produced for every molecule of CO2 consumed would explain the net carbon dioxide consumption. I need to think about this for a while thanks for the input.

Hello JDM:
Your point is very interesting way to think about life’s processes in the aquarium and I can only agree with your statement. It is funny how most folks here automatically think injecting CO2 or injecting O2 as the way to accomplish increases in O2 or CO2.

Just to let you all know iam a plastic plant man, with a lot of bubbles in my tank.
I like the way you have talked about this subject I have learned two new words macro algae and ontogeny
As do FW plants as well.

Bottom line is that in both FW planted and marine with marco algae tanks the pH rose to very high values. Indicating the tank had become a net consumer of carbon dioxide and producter of oxygen..

my .02
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