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Pool filter sand

Hey I got 2 50 # bags of PFS from my pool store today. It is silica based so I'm wondering if that will be a problem???? Also it came in plain white bags that I haven't opened yet. I'm wondering f anybody has used this type of PFS before I go unloading it into my tank.
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I don't have any experience with sand myself but I have seen cichlid tanks with silica based sand.Someone with more knowledge will surely answer though.
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Silica itself is fine, that is a type of quartz, but sometimes there are additives in pool sand and they could affect water chemistry (or worse).

What sort of tank is it (thinking the type of fish)?

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Yes, I have used this in all my tanks. It does need rinsing in a 5lb. bucket if you do not want your water cloudy. It clears up in a day after it settles.But I have added it to my smaller tanks without rinsing. Just run your filter afterwards and rinse out the filter pad over the week. Here are pictures of my pool filter sand tanks. I love this stuff. It's courser and if algae gets on it from the lights You can just rub it between your hands in sections and it will be clean.
Pic.#1 6 gal. tank I made a second level with black slate I picked up at a Landscape rock place all the broken peices were free. Good place to get rocks for you tanks.
Pic.#2 55 gal. tank
Pic.#3 20 Gal. tank
Pic.#4 Wild Columbian Ram & Yo Yo Loach
Pic. #5 a close up picture of the grain of the pool filter sand
Attached Images
File Type: jpg 6 gal. pool filter sand.jpg (99.5 KB, 47 views)
File Type: jpg 55 gal. planted tank 1 001.jpg (104.5 KB, 46 views)
File Type: jpg 55 gal. planted tank 1 002.jpg (102.0 KB, 45 views)
File Type: jpg Bolivian Ram & Yo Yo Loach.jpg (102.8 KB, 46 views)
File Type: jpg Pool filter sand.jpg (105.7 KB, 48 views)

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Thanks eleein my sand looks exactly like that. I'm going to do a planted tank with it.
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My tanks are all low light 2 , 15 Watt Flourescents on a timer for 9 hrs. on at 1pm off at 9pm. All the plants are doing well but my Sword plants I use a plant tablets under them every few months. These are the plants I have it those pictures.

Spiral Vallisneria ( Looks long & tall grows like kelp)
reg. Vallisneria "
Java fern
Java Moss
Cryptocoryne "Wendtii Red" Burgundy color
Dwarf sagittaria
Sword plant
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I think your question has been answered but I want to say that sand looks really nice! I love it!

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Im going to make a big order at sweet aquatics sometime next week. I didn't bother rinsing the sand out in a 5 gal bucket. I'm just going to put it all into the tank and fill it up a little, stir it around and then siphon the dirty water out.
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