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As far as I know, there's no chemical that actually gets rid of ammonia in fish tanks. Ammo-Lock and other similar chemicals can convert ammonia to forms less harmful to your fish, but any ammonia "locked" by this type of chemical will still show up on an ammonia test.

You *can* cycle a tank with fish in it, but it's harmful to the fish. The cycle also takes much longer because you have to constantly do water changes to keep the ammonia and nitrite from getting much above 0.5 ppm. A popular choice for fish to cycle with are zebra danios, because of their hardiness. If you choose to start over and do a cycle with fish, you can use the danios and then return them when you're ready for the fish you plan to keep long-term.

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ok if a fishless cycle is absolutly not an option, get 4 zebra danios - they are hardy fish and will survive a cycle, as long as you provide water changes often until the tank cycles
THEN id wait alittle while to slowly add more fish ( after cycling )
maybe 3 neon tetras and a week later 3 more
( if you add to many fish to fast, the bioload is to much for the tank to handle)

i understand you have a little kid, but if you want the best health and life span of fish- doing a fishless cycle would provide it.
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Ok, wel, I guess thank you all, I have no clue what to do. I am starting to empty the water now since the fish are in fact dead. It sucks. Do you think I should take everythign out of the tank again or just get the water as low as possible and go from there. I dont think it would be a problem like that huh.... Anthony
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id keep everything in there. and add new tap water, and aquasafe or whatever tap water conditioner you have as precribed on the bottle, and if its a absolute must you have fish right away ( which again i dont recommend) go with 4 zebra danios.
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As far as how long a fishless cycle takes, I just cycled a 15 gallon in about 10 days. I am not saying that this is how long yours will take, but it does not necessarily take months. A way to speed up the process would be to add filter media or gravel from an established aquarium. Your local fish store may give you some from their tanks if you ask. You could also just not bump up the ammonia as high as is recommended, and just add fish slower when the cycle (which will probably be faster) is complete.

As far as water conditioners go, I would just use a standard declorinator and leave it at that. A little stress zyme may help to speed up the cycle (I really can't tell you if this works or not, but I used a similar product in my tank), and there are some other things (such as a little salt) that may be benificial to your fish but not always necessary. If you tell us what fish you are planning on adding, we can tell you if anything else (besides the dechlorinator) is necessary.

I know that you have a young child, but if you can accomplish a fishless cycle, a little patience (again, mine cycled in 10 days) will pay off in the long run. At least your child will not have to watch his pet fish dye again and again. Please don't feel that I am pressuring you, this is just my opinion, and along with everybody else's you can take it or leave it. I just feel that this is the kindest method for the fish involved. Good luck.
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Originally Posted by AnthonyWC70788
I am going to check them in a few. As far as the fishless cyclying. I am sorry, You might not understand lol, but I have a little boy who has been having fish forever as far as he can remember, 3-4 weeks of cycling with no fish is not an option. I know your method probably works more times then none but I have had aquariums before and they have never been fishless cycled. Like I said I just added water and Aqua Safe before. You can not understand that not having these fish for my son is like. I mean you deal with a 8 year old that doesnt understand the concept of his fish dying and then redying when you get more. 3-4 weeks, way to long. ANd yes the test kit is working, read what I originally posted. One of those chemicals actually gets rid of the ammonia which actually might be my problem lol..... Anthony
No offense, but when I was eight I breed cichlids and sold them to fish stores in my area. If you keep going on without doing your research fisrt, you will have to explain to your son why the fish die and die again.

Why don't you take the opportunity and learn something together with your son. There is so much good stuff on the internet, and if you do a good job explaining what's going on with the water chemistry during cycling, your son will appreciate the waiting time. Kids learn freakishly fast when they are interested; I'm sure you'll agree. ;)

And for a 20g, no more than one pair of African cichlids! If your water allows it, there are a number of South Americans that are smaller and more peaceful.
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Originally Posted by AnthonyWC70788
I mean you deal with a 8 year old that doesnt understand the concept of his fish dying and then redying when you get more. 3-4 weeks, way to long.
I hate to be the mean one here...but what's more important? Your son getting his way or the fish living good healthy lives? Letting them die over and over again will not teach him proper care and in fact I suspect it will teach him utter disregard for life itself because "there's always another one at the store". Teach him how to preserve life instead...

One other thing...if I'd learned about the nitrogen cycle in an interesting way when I was little I probably wouldn't have failed science class so badly :) Food for thought :)

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you can try loweing your PH with drift wood, its a good way to bring down your ph level for about a year. Just make sure u clean it properly and boil it. As sumoen said before zebra danios are very hardy fish if you have to have fish but a fishless cycle is the best. Try using bacterial agents to help spark bacterial growth in your tank to reduce cycling time.
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I just find it odd for one test to read Ph 7.6 and the other to read 8.8. That's a large difference.

Just did you acclimate the fish? PH shock may have killed them. Don't use anymore chemicals other than the Aquasafe to condition the water. If there's a big variance between your tank water Ph and the LFS's water you'll have to take some time to drip acclimate them.

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I honestly think you should just sit down and guide your son through this. Explain to him that the all his fish will get very sick if you don't make them a good home. Tell him if he waits you'll let him pick out one of his own, or two...

All I can really say is my heart sunk a little while I was reading your original post, I know yours must have done the same while writting it.... I'm sure it would be hearbreaking again to have to write another post explaining the death of yet another tank.

I am another soul happily lost to the aquarium addiction..

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