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Please Help

I've attempted to clean my boyfriend's fish tank (he is overseas) and I cannot regain suction on the canister filter he has. It is set up so that the intake is pvc piping which runs down to the canister and connects by tubing. The outtake tubing also runs to pvc from the canister which runs along the length of the tank and has holes so that it trickles down.

There is some water being drawn up the outtake as a little is trickling out the top but suction is not as it should be. The majority of the out hose is an air pocket and there is an air pocket in the intake too... Please help.. the tank looks worse than before now and i don't want to kill his fish!

i've been at this for hours and i'm going to give up soon without help.
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What kind of cannister filter is it? They need to be primed.
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it is a magnum 350.. and i had the intake and outtake swapped in my head... so the intake is the one with the air... that makes more sense to me too...

i don't know what "primed" means
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I've got eheims on my tanks, which are fairly easy to prime. You might waht to see if there is some doccumentation on your filter around.

Basically, you need to reload the water into your lines for the filter to function.
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What you may need to do is grab a funnel and fill the intake and output hoses on the canister filter. Hold the hoses up as high as you can and fill them up with water.

However, most canister filters have some sort of "priming" knob or something.....find the manual.
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