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please can someone help me distinguish this...

Ok i have a new tank... it is 60 litres and it came with a Filter and heater apparently...well im lost now...I have a box that says

" Juwel aquarium Bioflow super 400 set UK"

On it but i have noe idea what it contains and what it is there is no info on the box or internet that i can find...

There is a power cord in teh box leading to a box which i think is the filter and then there is a Heater stick thing...(sorry im not much help lol)

Can anyone tell me the maximum heat output on the heater if it was in a 60 litre tank and if the filter is big enough for a 60 there another one anyone could suggest if these are not good...

I also went to an aquarium shop and saw some tester kits for the water which i need but i would like to know the best one to get...

Im also stuck on what to put into the tank...If all goes well im getting a bigger one if i can prove to the parents i can care for this one...

Thanks for the help...
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Ok, first thing first... can you post any photos of the tank, filter/boxes, heater, etc? Without a visual to help identify these products, there isn't much anyone can do to offer help or make suggestions about how to assemble, use, or maintain them.
As for fish... that should wait until we know for sure what you have for equipment.

Test kits... API is a great kit. Their master kit contains ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and pH... which are the primary tests needed for freshwater. (be sure you are purchasing the freshwater kit if you are planning a freshwater tank, or a saltwater kit if you are intending a marine tank... the test kits are very specific for freshwater or marine and cannot be substituted for each other) If API is not available in your local pet store, they are easily found online. The only other test kits I suggest are Sera because they are #1 in accuracy... but they are also a lot more expensive.

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The Juwel aquarium Bioflow super 400 is a water pump and probably thr pump used for the filter. So sais google(sneaky aren't i? ).
The heater that came with the aquarium IS enough for that aquarium(when they sell them as a whole everything is calculated, otherwise they kinda mess up the company name). The only thing NOT calculated is the light on those aquariums so if u decide to go for a planted tank the 1 neon that came with the set is way underpowered for plants. The light part is valid if the aquarium came with a top(lid or whatever you may call it).
Back to the heater thingy... First you must decide what fish you are going to keep inside and then decide if u even want to use the heater. I live in a temperate climate area and i never ever used the heater except for betta tanks or fish that need high temparature(over 24 celsius).
Also just in case you don't know you should NOT buy any fish before the aquarium cycle is finished.
Here are 2 topics that will help you more than 100000 posts.
Beginner's Guide for New Tanks
I alos agree with bettababy, some pics would be of tremendous help to anyone here that might want to help you.
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