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Platy Frys

Ok, i thought one of my platys was pregnant about a week ago and put her in a breeding net box. She was in there for a few days and I wasnt convinced she was pregnant and took her out. So its a week later and I looked inside my tank today and there were little fry all over the place. I put them all in the breeder net box. There is about ten of them.

Any advice on how to keep them healthy would be much appreciated. Ive been crushing up flake food, which I read on the internet. I also read about something called Infusoria or something. Take bruised vegetable and let it sit in water for a few days? Then take the top layer out which is microscopic organisms or something.

Also, ive read on this forum about the mother dying within days of the birth. Is this common. Is there anything I should be worried about. I do see one of the female Platy's hanging out at the rim of the breeder box. As i look over now she's just been swimming up there for like the whole day.
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i just put flake food in a zip lock bag get out as much air as i can and crush it to a fine powder for mine. thb iv never seen my fry eat the flake till they are a few weeks old and even then they will just pick it off the bottom of the tank after its gotten soft.also id take a sinking wafer for plecos and sutch break it in quarters and drop one peice in the tank every other daythey seemed to like pecking at that to and its mainly vegies. i would avoid first bites as its just crushed flake food and alot of it goes uneaten.
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