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Platies in new tank

Hello, I had a 10 gallon tank that was a little overstocked with 3 platies(1 male and 2 females), 3 guppies(same trio as platies), a powder blue dwarf gourami, a cory cat, and I had a net breeder tank with 4 baby guppies. I had some pretty bad ammonia levels and decided to upgrade to a 55 gallon tank.

I first put the 3 platies in and they seemed to kind of hide in a little rock cave and the plants. I put my 3 guppies in today and they were fine, swimming around and having no problems at all. However the 2 female platies are acting very strange, they keep hiding in the rocks and plants. They might come out for a second but they go back in very quickly. They never did this in the 10 gallon, and all the fish got along fine.

I tested my water and everything is perfect, the temp was the same in both tanks, I acclimated them properly and everything. I cant figure this out, I hope they just wont waste away and die.

Is this normal behavior after moving tanks? If it is why are my guppies and the male platy OK? If there are any suggestions or advice, Id appreciate it very much!
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Well, the most important thing is that you gave them a new home :)

I wouldn't worry about it too much, they're probably just scared and need time to explore. If you can turn the tank lights off that might help, and just have another lamp on the room. Try to keep noise down and just leave them be for now(no peering through the glass every 5 secs to check on them :) ) They may or may not be hungry, try feeding a smaller amount tonight so maybe they'll want it tomorrow morning.

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hello and welcome. :)
umm have you cycled the new tank or are you using the platys ?
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