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Planting Ludwigia and other questions

I know this is probably stupid but... When you guys purchase and then plant Ludwigia, do you separate each little stem? I got little bundles with maybe 5 tiny stems. I purchased 3 little bundles as it didn't seem like much. When I got home, I sort of shoved each bundle in the substrate. I didn't really separate them. This is my second try at Ludwigia, the first didn't do well but I thought it was more to do with lack of light. Anyway, what is the best way to handle that?

Next, What are your thoughts on adding a Male Betta to a tank with Guppies and a Pleco? How will the Betta do with the filter? I would have him in a medium to heavily planted 25 gallon with a dozen Guppies and a Pleco. I don't want him killing all my Guppies but if he snacked on the fry, that wouldn't be the worst. Keep the population down kind of thing. I know Betta's do not swim around that much but it just seems like the 25 would be like a paradise compared to the little cups they reside in at the petstores.

Next Question is... I purchased a tank backing and applied it with Baby Oil. It looked awesome for a long time but now is drying out and looking like crap. It is getting air bubbles. Do I A) add more oil and try to smooth it out B)scrape it off and try again Or, C) Leave it, it isn't that bad??
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Another question for you Shrimp enthusiasts. If I added a bunch of ghost shrimp to my 60 gallon tank with 10 Tiger Barbs, 1 Opaline Gourami, 1 Rainbow Shark, 2 Platies and a handful of random male Guppies. How long would they last? I know people use these as feeders. Would they have a chance of surviving in this tank?

I have heard they are really good at cleaning out the substrate and that they eat algae that other things like Oto's and Plecos, and snails do not eat. Is any of that true or no?
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