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I found a little white worm in my aquarium this afternoon, watched it for a while, and I'm pretty positive it's planaria. Now, I've only seen one of these things in there at a time (there might be only one altogether). Should I worry about this? How best should I deal with this before it becomes a problem?

Thing is, I don't know how it got in there. I haven't added anything new, except for betta food and algae wafers; and I do 15-20% water changes about twice a week. Water parameters are perfect.

Anything else I should know about planaria?

Oh, and if it helps. My tank:
5.5 gallons
Temp. 79 degrees
Filtered, cycled
0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, <5 nitrates
Occupants: Male betta, otocinclus catfish
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from faithfull appears that they happen due to
over feeding,insuffiant gravel vac.
so i'm not saying that your maintainance is lacking a bit,however
perhaps do a water change and gravel vac a little more often than you do,
the situation can grow adn then i think it's a little harder to get rid of them.
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It's not dangerous to your fish at all. You should just cut down on feeding a bit and up your water changes and it will clear up.
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I did a 50% water change yesterday, but found two more of those worms this morning.

And now, after doing a little more research, I'm not sure they're planaria.
They're hair-thin, white, about _____ long, and swim in an S shape.

My plan right now is to:
-- remove some gravel (I have quite a thick layer in my tank, and it's hard to vac it all)
-- do another 50% water change tomorrow
-- fast my fishies for three days

Anything to treat the tank with that might help with this?
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ewwwww,i hope someone can identifiy them for you.
i've not had experiance of those,sorry.
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Member does your worm look like the hairlike one here or the flat headed one. i had the hairlike one once. i don't think i did much to get rid of them. either they just went away or my fish got them. one of the two happened. i made no effort to catch them.
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The hairlike one. Exactly.

Yeah, I just witnessed my sparkling gourami EAT one. o.o Hey, as long as the worms won't hurt him, he can dine away.
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