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i have a few thoughts about this since its not all your tanks and only 2...........First, what are the temps of all your tanks?.........Are the 2 affected tanks very near the same temp?.............My thought (and its only a theory)something is now in your tap water that is only showing at a certain temp.........What it is i cant answer..........I would contact your water authority and ask the the questions stated earleir on in the thread, but i would also ask if they recently did ANY type of pipe work in your area............something could be leeching into your supply line coming in, that the water company is unaware of.........I would agree, it hasnt seem to affect your fish (very nice oscar, by the way) and clears from a dose of salt, so it doesnt seem very dangerous, but on a long term basis it might be.........It might be worth checking out, considering you drink the same water..........

I dont know if this helps, but it could be a possibility......I hope im wrong and it was something simple for you.....good luck
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Originally Posted by tiny View Post
For the copper idea its very unlikely due to fish dont do well with high levels of copper ie they die.
ya i was just making a sugestion as it could be a contaminat from corrosion, if it were copper the water would be blue, but yea maybe iron or whatever is in your local water sorce

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your pink water

Originally Posted by fish999 View Post
I would try actually removing the pot you mentioned just to be sure a deeply embedded dye isn't starting to work its way out of the core of the material after it has aged. The pot itself may simply be turning to dust as it ages beyond a certain point. Take it out and see.

12 hours could be about the time a microbe would take to re-populate after being knocked down by an event such as water change. Adding salt might be slowly reducing a microbe population over a few days time so the effect you describe after adding salt would fit that scenario. Do you have a microscope handy? Maybe you could take a look at the water and see if there is a heavy population of small microbes.

do you have a juwel backing in the tank my water went went pink i had to take the backing out now its fine
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Another thought....sounds like a good idea to let some tap water sit....but maybe also let some tap water sit with your dechlorinator.... if the pink is at all related to the dechlorinator you would know that way....
I skipped a page....I can see now your dechlorinator is used in numerous tanks.

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