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Originally Posted by mommybritches View Post

This change gradually occurs when we change water. We can see it roughly 12 hours later. It looks like someone took red food coloring and placed a few drops in the tank...just enough to tint the water.

We have had no recent change in food, fish, or anything in the tank.

The only thing I can see that helps is salt. If I add salt, the tint will disappear in a few days. The color will then reappear at the next water change.
I would try actually removing the pot you mentioned just to be sure a deeply embedded dye isn't starting to work its way out of the core of the material after it has aged. The pot itself may simply be turning to dust as it ages beyond a certain point. Take it out and see.

12 hours could be about the time a microbe would take to re-populate after being knocked down by an event such as water change. Adding salt might be slowly reducing a microbe population over a few days time so the effect you describe after adding salt would fit that scenario. Do you have a microscope handy? Maybe you could take a look at the water and see if there is a heavy population of small microbes.
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I do use tap water, but I always have. We have 8 tanks and it doesn't affect them all, so it can't be the water. It only affects the tanks that contain my Oscars. I use the same water conditioner on all of my tanks.

I have actually "googled" pink aquarium water, and have found a few others who have had a similar experience. However, most of what I have found is others like me posing the question. I haven't found anyone with an explanation. :o(

I am wondering if it is some type of bacterial bloom, as it comes so close to a water change and leaves soon after. The water doesn't get cloudy, just slightly pink.
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well.....with the fact that it is only affecting one tank and it also happens to be the same tank you treated for ich i would almost be inclined to say that it may be due to the ich treatment....i do not have any expierence with the med you used so i do not know first hand how it may affect your may have a build up of gunk from it in your filter some where. I would almost say break down the filter and give it a good wash in tank water but i do not know how i would even tell you to go about doing that. What type of filter are you running?? Maybe someone else on here can give you advice on doing so....

or as fish999 stated maybe your pots in the tank are breaking down from age....take them out and see what happens....its worth a try and it wont hurt anything to do it

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These tanks have not been treated for Ich or anything else....


Can't be the pot.....I have two tanks affected. The other tank has nothing but gravel no pot and an Oscar in turns pink as well.

Just spoke with a Cichlid expert friend of mine. She too has this problem, but has been unsuccessful in diagnosing it. She has tanks that do this and tanks that don't. Our only common thread is no carbon.....but then again we both have tanks that run without carbon that aren't pink.....She says it does not seem to adversely affect her fish, so she just has grown accustomed to the trend. She plans to ask some of the biologists at the college nearest to her.

Thanks everyone...but the mystery continues.....

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I know what it is... the Oscars are making snow-cones and selling them at night while you sleep. Some kid keeps dropping a strawberry/mango one and it's turning the water pink. We're on to your nefarious scheme now Mr Double-O Oscar...

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Wish I could have been of more help! I agree with your friend, if your fish do not seem bothered, I would not worry.
If you find out the cause, fill us in. It would be interesting to know.
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it is a strange phenomenon......especially to just show up after 2 years......but as twistersmom said, if your fish dont seem anycase, if you find the source please let us know.

ps...sorry for the confusion with the ich treatment....i had just finished reading another thread....

"Fish are friends not food"
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Take a look...

It's gone now...I added more salt and it went away within 36 hours...just bizarre....

I am going to attempt to add a pic...hope it attaches...
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ok a few questions for you

how old is your house / plumbing ?

do you know what your pipes are made of ?

can u do a tap water test and leave it in a clear container for 24>36 hours ?

only reason i ask is because i recently had to deal with a similar problem with a tank i was setting up for a family member,
i set the tank up and go home for the night get a call the next morning saying the tank was blue ended up being due to
'blue water' a condition due to corroding copper pipes in melbourne.

Copper corrosion

for those interested

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Hello, I'm a water treatment student and might be able to help you. It sounds like there might be color or dissolved minerals in your cities drinking water. It could be anything from copper( which I doubt, seeing your fish are still alive) to iron. But I would call your city water treatment plant and see if they have anything in their river or lake where they get the water that would cause this color change. All city plants must test for these things by law so they will know. If you are on a private well, then it is dissolved minerials. But fixing this problem will be hard and costly in a home. If it aint that then i dont know, hope this helps. PS. for the copper idea its very unlikely due to fish dont do well with high levels of copper ie they die.
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