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picking up used 120

so picking up a used tank holds water and stuff seen it while in use. i would like to home one bigger unique fish with some friends. open to suggestions, then i'll check it out. tank is 72 x 20 x 20 will rehome current fish.
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I see one evil dat tank. And you all thought I was going to say Victorian cichlids. lol

Wanting a planted tank took the Vics out of contention.
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not sure on what you mean "dat"
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thanks for the tip , going to check around .
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I would hunt down a pair of jacks or oscars for something that big. I love fish with personality :)

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Clown knife
Silver Arowana
Or U could do a large school of some larger preditory fish :
Green/Glass/Transparent Knife Fish :
Elephant Noses :
Also could keep TinFoil Barbs, Silver Dollars, Bala Sharks, Fire Eels, TireTrack Eels, Bichir's, Multiple Black/Brown Ghost Knife's (normally kept singaly but could do 2-3 in 120 gallon), Red/Blackc Pacus and African Black Knifes.


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An Arowana wouldn't thrive in here, but it could be a good grow-out tank.

A full-grown Arowana should have the length of the tank be at least 3 times longer, and the width be at least twice as deep.
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so i got the tank home couldnt keep much water so ill let it cycle for a week or whatever it takes and get back to you all.
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Datnoids would be my suggestion as well.

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