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Member I took everyone's advice and left the pH of my water alone. It has been at 7.6 for about 5 days now and my betta does not seem to be happy at all. He has not been blowing bubble nests, and is keeping his fins clamped. Still eating fine though, and happy to see me. I noticed that when I was trying to lower the pH temporarily by doing 10% water changes daily he started blowing bubble nests and seemed much happier. I changed the water filter to our house to see if that would help. I am not too hopeful though, because the water that I left out to sit is at 6.6 (normally it is 6.4), but I am still hoping that it will not rise past 7. Who knows with this odd water . R/O water is not really an option as it is way above my budget. I am putting some driftwood in my 15 gallon that is cycling right now, but I am worried that there will be too much fluctuation when I do water changes. If anyone has any suggestions please tell me, because at this point I am pulling my hair out in frustration. I guess I will just have to wait to see if the pH of my test water continues to rise. I'll post the results tomorrow. Thank you.

Oh.. my water parameters are: ammonia-0 nitrite-0 nitrate-5 pH 7.6
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i didnt think water would change Ph as it "ages" but i learn something new every day :)

he wont like the new ph right away because its different. it will take time to adapt. but if you A) use chemicals to change the ph and B) do super water changes to keep the ph down, its going to cause fluctuations in Ph, which is why hes not happy. in not all that much time he will adapt to the new Ph. id even get a handful of water jugs from the store, fill em with tap, and leave them so they age as long as possible. stable is better than high or low.

my Ph is 7.6 and my betta is doing just dandy :)

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You can put a little peat moss in your filter to bring your pH down. The driftwood will work as well, and I don't think it will do it too quickly.

RO water shouldn't be used, as it lacks ANY buffering ability as well as essential nutrients. If you do use RO water you'll need to add chemicals and such back in to get the water to the parameters you want.

pH often changes as the water ages. For instance, if co2 dissipates the pH will go up. I'd be surprised if you have tap water that *doesn't* change at least slightly.
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see? i learn something new every day :D

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Thanks everyone. I guess I will just give him some more time to adjust. Does anyone know just how long it should take? It just makes me sad to see him sulking in his tank with his fins clamped :( . When he is moved to his new 15 gallon, it will have some driftwood in it so the pH will likely be slightly lower. I'm going to use the drip method though, so I don't shock him when he makes the transition.
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