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pH ???

I am moving my betta, frog, and snail to a 10g tank.

The problem I'm having is with my pH and KH. I'm using the Mini Master Test Kit by Nutrafin. (Liquid tests)
The pH of my tap water is around 7.6. The KH is 20mg/L. When I put in the water conditioner the pH rises, but only slightly, still less than 7.8. But when I add the appropriate amount of pH stabilizer-KH booster, my pH goes up to like 8.4. The KH of my tap water is too low to put fish in, I have to add the KH booster, but that puts my pH up way too high. I'm not sure what to do.
Any idea's???
Thanks for all your help.

Thanks for all you time everyone.
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Nix worrying about getting th KH up for now. Concentrate on getting you ph down colser to nuetral. I loathe using chemicals to make that happen. To get the pH down try using the plant elodea. It is a leaf feeder an will absorb its nutrients through its leaves. I can either be anchored or floated. I prefer using it as a floater. You betta would enjoy that, too. It would give him some security an provide an anchor for his bubble nest.
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I agree with bob for the most part. Your betta likely will appreciate a more neutral ph, the problem you then encounter however is that snails need a high ph, around 8 is great, and hard water, for good shell growth. In softer waters their shells deteriorate, and their bodies aren't capable of withstanding soft acidic water. Is it possible that you can seperate them so that you can provide both of tir needs individually?
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On second thoughts, and much as I hate to disagree, if you cannot sererate them then i think that a high ph of 8 or so would be better than a neutral ph. bettas can adapt to higher ph values, but snails cannot adapt to lower ph values. but if you seperate them then this will not be an issue.
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Separating them shouldn't be a problem.
I was thinking about getting an algea eater for the tank too. Something tells me that a ten gallon tank is too much for one little snail to keep clean.

I was also playing with the idea of getting some smaller fish for the tank too. I'm not sure what sort of fish would do well with a betta. Maybe tetra's?
I want the betta to be the main attraction in the tank. Any suggestions?

Thanks for all you time everyone.
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