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Angry Petco people know NOTHING

Ok so I'm in petco getting some decorations for my tank. I was talking to the lady and i'm like "yeah i'm waiting for my ammonia to cycle out of my tank before i put fish in to make sure i have the right bacteria and all"
ladys like "how does your tank have ammonia in it if you dont have fish?"
me- "Oh i'm cycling with ammonia"
me- " grow cultures"
lady - "whoever you heard to do that from doesnt know anything,you need to take all the water out,clean it and then you can put fish right in"
me- "*raises eyebrow* O RLY

Also i went to get a plant to help with the ammonia and shes like "the ammonia will kill it instantly!!" is this true?
I was with my dad so hes like "no dont get a plant,she said not too",so i wasnt able to get it otherwise i would have
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Also i'm tried to explain to her that i put a fish right in once like she said to do and he got covered in ammonia burns in died.
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Maybe the next time you visit the store, print her out some info on a fishless cycle.
No one knows everything about fish, but it would be nice for workers to be honest that they do not know, rather than giving bad advice.
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I want to work there just so i can actually give good imformation
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i agree, when i first got a tank i took their advice and ended up with 8 dead guppies, 1 dead shark and 10 dead neon tetras. I hadn't done enough research so i took their advice, and the guy was all " ya you can buy like 15 fish and introduce them in the tank all at the same time, meanwhile it was a 20 GALLON TANK!! ya so dont take advice. SO ya there went like $50!!!!

Anyway ive learned to just totally ignore theirs or any other LFS's advice, unless its family owned and there fish-enthusiasts.

My Tanks:
20 Gallon Community Tank
5 Gallon Guppy and Fry tank

A 55-75 gallon tank, hopefully

*Remember, its not how big a tank is, its how hard you worked on that small tank.
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