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Im i overstocked or well stocked in my tanks????? 29g heavily planted with the fluval 306 canister filter and the aqueon quite flow 10. Livestock:
2 angels
7 Rummynose tetras
6 porkchop/copper rasboras
8 Cory cats
3 Otos
3 yoyo loaches
Weekly or 2x a week 50% water changes

Fluval edge. Filter is whatever comes with it. Planted with some Anubis nana. Livestock:
5 white cloud minnows
Breeding pair of minutus shell dwellers
Weekly or 2x a week 60% water changes

13g widescreen tank. Filter, Aqueon quite flow 10. Lightly planted. Livestock:
7 cardinal tetras
1 platy
Water changes 2x a week

5g heavily planted. Filter is some small filter. Livestock:
6 ember tetras
1 betta
2 Otos
1 water change weekly

So are my tank good or are some overstocked? If I were to add some marbled hachets to the 29g for some top activity, would that be pushing it or could I get away with it? If there is anything you think that I should add or remove please tell me.
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Your five gallon is very much. And the 29 gallon is not large enough for one angel, let alone two with so many other fish. A single without a bunch of other fish might be ok, but they do like more space.

The five gallon though, is just ridiculous. That's pretty bad over-stocking.

Your thirteen gallon is also over-stocked(it's not nearly so bad as the five gallon is considered, I'd say a tad over-stocked...but there are several issues with it). For one those fish need more space and larger groups on the platy, and you don't have a filter big enough to keep it in check since you have one meant for a smaller tank, even with dense planting, though dense planting and two changes per week do help a great deal.

I can't tell you about your Fluval edge without it's size.

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The 5 isn't too bad considering the planting but the tetras would prefer more space, I'm sure and I would also be doing more than one water change per week on it. I had 5 tetra fry in my 2.5 gallon with my betta for a short period and to keep ammonia in check (it was so heavily planted when I pulled the plants and out them in my 10 gallon it planted it moderately) I was doing a WC every 3-4 days.
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Also, angels are commonly bred in 29s so I don't see an issue having a pair in one. It just makes a heavier bioload and more risk for aggression on the other fish.
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Sylerclaw u r saying that the 5g is very overstocked, which is an incorrect statement. U know that ember tetra get less than an inch. Also the 29g is perfect for 2 angels, as long as they don't breed which I'm going to make sure doesn't happen. Also there aren't a lot of actual swimming fish in there. The pork chop rasboras are different from the harlequins. They r a lot smaller, only getting .75in. Flint I might do more water changes. Also thank u for ur insight on the 29g and benefits of plants.
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You asked, just giving my opinion on stocking, because I do not agree and tried to answer your question, I do not agree with the stocking idea. Many opinions vary, it's up to you how you think on it and what works for you and the fish(it's not working if they're dying...and no I didn't say yours were so don't take it that way). =) I have six 3/4 inch endlers in a ten gallon, wouldn't want more and wouldn't want them in a five gallon. I reserve my five gallons for bettas. But again, that's my opinion on stocking, many agree, and many disagree.

A lot of it has to do with what's in the tank and maintenance. Also bioload and space preferable to the fish. Tetras like space, even the little guys. Neon tetras get about an inch and they prefer 20+ gallons. .-. Size has little to do with space -needs- for many fish. If it's working and you're able to keep it stable and they're not stressed out, go for it. =)
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I agree with SylverClaws. That is just her opinion. You asked and she answered, you don't like; you ignore it like i do with my saltwater tank advice. But as she also said size doesn't matter :) You can't put a yorkie in a bathroom and say "it's small so it's ok". It like to run= it has loads of energy to swim! While I am being hypocritical with my currently badly stocked 10 gallon I still believe in it. Like said, do what you want it is your money after all. But as to the 5 gallon I believe it is badly stocked, not over. I believe the 29 gallon is a bit overstocked, but how about you move the otos into that tank. They are a schooling fish (or at least like being in groups) so how about stress them out less by putting them in the other tank? Also, how about you change not 50% of the water, but 30%? Changing that much so often can disrupt a cycle. so I highly recommend thinking about that. As to the hachets, I would say do not add them for now. It is fine how it is and more fish (and more water changes) will not help the crowding. The 13 and the fluval seem fine to me though. Of course we will always recommend the highest happiness for your fish, never you. So as to your question, they are fine. As to their happiness (in the 13) they would be much happier as to what Sylverclaws suggested
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an overstocked tank doesn't always cause significant problems, with more fish you will have higher nitrates but if you have enough plants eating the nitrates you should be ok there, and if your fish are becoming aggressive or territorial due to limited space you will need to remove some. Your tank is overstocked but if you don't have aggression issues and the nitrates and other parameters stay in check I wouldn't worry about it.
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Thanks to all of u for ur insight on my tanks. And im sorry silver claw for bein a little rude. I believe that I might move the Otos, but what might i use 4 an algae eater??? Also I will get a bigger filter for the 13. Any recommendation??? Also in the 29 I just added my 2nd angel and the old one is bein a little aggressive, what should I do??? Should I move the old 1 (still not full grown) to the 13 for maybe a couple of days than move him back??? And again thx for all the advice and ur insights on my tanks.
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A nerite snail is a good option for an algae eater.
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