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Heres my stocking scheeme, please tell me if its overcrowded, underfiltered etc

20 Gallon High Tank.

5 zebra danios: COMPLETE
2 Male Swordtails: NOT DONE YET
2 Cherry Shrimp: NOT DONE YET

Basic Topfin powerfilter with filter floss and carbon. Pumps 100gph
Advance Penguin power filter with Bio-Wheel. Pumps 100gph
All Glass Aquarium Heater
Outside tank 60 watt light
Inside tank 15 watt light

One shipwreck ornament
One large rock cave Ornament
One Chinese gazeebo ornament
One small Cocnut cave
6 Fake Plants
A clump of Java moss
Blue medium grained gravel
No background because i havent found one i liked


Gazebo Ornament

Please post comments[/list]
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Not overstocked at all. On your other post, I suggested returning the Penguin and getting the Emperor instead.

When using the filter, cut up a net and secure it over the filter intake. This will prevent any cherry shrimp babies (in the future) to not get sucked up the filter. I did this with my Emperor 280 and 400 filter intakes, but I used silicone to keep the netting in place, which look like this...

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BTW, I can spare you about 5 more cherry shrimps, since mine has recently spawned. I live in the south suburbs, near Orland Park.
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thanks but im going to petsmart or petco today to try and get the shrimp, thanks for the tips on the filter intake though
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Nope not overstocked ;) You can add more shrimp and other fish too if thats what your looking for

55 Gallon:1 Baby Bristlienose,1 Swordtail, 1 Bala Shark, 2 Common Pleco, 2 Clown Loaches, 2 angel fish,3 (look a like) rasbora Tetra's, 4 Black Skirt Tetra's, 4 Long-finned Gold Zebra Danios, 4 Cardinal Jumbo Tetra's,6 Red Eye Tetra's, 7 neon tetra's
10 Gallon Nano Reef:1 Chocolate Starfish, many snails...Work is in progress...err
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Originally Posted by musho3210
thanks but im going to petsmart or petco today to try and get the shrimp, thanks for the tips on the filter intake though
NP. I can never find RCS (Red Cherry Shrimp) at Petco, Petsmart, or any other LPS/LFS. I can only find them through other other fish keepers, especially those with planted tanks.
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Well i got ghost shrimp instead. Tiny little things and i thought it would be cool when you can see them digest their food.
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