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Cool Over Filtering?

I've been having an on-going arguement with my dad over the tank that he has right now....he says he has problems getting the water "crystal clear".....like mine!

Here is what he has....tell me if you think he's got too much going on which may contribute to his lack of clarity...

55 G fresh water tank
gravel subtrate
25-30 fish (I'm not sure on the exact stock, I know he has some huuuge gourami's, some cat fish...nothing crazy)

two Penguin 350's
a canister filter which filters 190 gallons per hour ( he says he put some kind of filter floss in it)
18" bubble wand running along the back

all together he over 1,000 gallons of water being pumped her hour, which cycles his tank like every 3 minutes.....

too much going on?

thanks guys!
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it sounds like he has too many fish in it. unless 20-25 are little neons or something tiny like that, i bet he is way over stocked.

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yeah, I've always told him he's over stocked....maybe he can donate some of the fish to me! haha

I will try and get an exact list from him tomorrow and post it....it's alot!
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I would agree with over stocking as well. My 55gal has 27 fish i think, average is 2", though I do have 2-two foot eels in the tank as well. I can maintain crystal clear water.

But you can never have too much filtration, you can however have too much flow/current.

.... I'm probably drunk.

This is how I lurk

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thats what I'm thinking is wrong wit him.....here's his stock.......fair warning...it's altot....he's not an enthusiast and just buys what he sees and listens to the LFS....all the fish look and act very healthy....

he won't listen to me about anything, so maybe if I show him this post, he'll do something about his tank

.....like donate to the "JohnnyD44 is broke but loves fish fund"

Here's his stock....keep in mind, he is not very familiar with compatibility

2 Striped Raphael catfish
1 Black upside down catfish
1 albino catfish
1 iridescent catfish
1 Chinese algae eater
2 green tetra
2 high fin tetra
1 red tail shark
2 red swordtail
2 zebra danio
2 blood fin tetra
5 tinfoils
2 red mollies
2 neon tetra

2 large silver dollars
1 gold gourami
1 kissing gourami
1 VERY VERY large snakeskin gourami

"I have not added any fish for over 2 months. The tank was clear until about two weeks ago, but never crystal clear"

any help for my pops guys?????

"all advice is welcome" he says
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oh my and he has this in a 55 gal tank...i thought mine was a bit over stocked. the iridescent, chinese algae eater, red tailed shark, tinfoils can grow over a foot in length, the iridescents are a very skiddish fish and can be very distuctive to themselves and their tanks once they get larger. they all need room to swim most of these fish are bottom and mid/top level fish. i'm very surpised they all get along. although i doubt you will see any natural behavior with this many fish...he definatly needs to down stock!!!
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thats what I kept telling him......maybe he'll finally listen!!!!!!!!!!!

he's coming down in a few weeks....maybe he'll donate some!
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Although all of these fish are compalible as long as the smaller fish are big enough to not fit into the catfish mouths, the tank is way overstocked.
The main problem is the tinfoils , shark(ir.s), and catfish. They all can quickly outgrow a 55gal. I had three tinfoils in a 65gal for a short time. They grew so fast, they where running out of swimming room. I was lucky to come across a good deal on a used 210 gal tank for them. I think to house all of those fish properly, you would need a 200-300 gal tank. I would try to rehome the tinfoils and shark. The other catfish may grow slower, and be ok in the 55 for a while. I do think as the catfish grow, you will find that some of the smaller fish will disappear at night.
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all sounds good to me. I know the shark would have to go...i knew all this but he wouldn't listen to me....of course ya know...."father knows best" but when it comes to fish I got him beat. I just neeed to hear it from someone else!

thanks everyone!!
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